Is it possible to create a project that plays a note two octaves under the bottom note played

I have a friend over on the Cantabile forum who wants to know if he plays left hand chords could BMT play the bottom note two octaves lower. I just want to get him a quick answer - I’m going to take a swing at it later today but in the meantime wanted to see if knowledgeable people here agree it’s doable.


Yes, it is possible, however may be a bit difficult if the notes of a chord are not played at the exact same time. The rules would have to determine the lowest note played (within a given time) and then subtract 24 from that note. When the not goes off, it will also need to do the same thing to prevent hung notes. Also, there would need to be some logic to determine what should happen should 2 octaves lower be less than note 0. Do we play just 1 octave lower instead or do we just not play anything?

To determine the lowest note played we would have to have a mechanism to track up to n notes where n is the maximum number of notes to evaluate at a given time. The more notes to evaluate, the more time it will take. Usually if everything can be done within 10ms, the latency for note evaluation before play should not be noticeable to the performer.

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Hi Steve,

Thanks for the answer, I’ll let them know - I was thinking the same thing - what if you don’t play the notes at the same time?