Is it possible to disable the sending of midi CC when the program is not on focus? + alt modifier cause OS sound

Hello, I am setting up MIDI CC messages for cubase.exe, but the funny thing (it’s inherent to midi CC unlike key commands I know) is that when I have google chrome open on top of Cubase, and I am typing something, the presets [key strokes to Midi CC] are still activated and therefore cubase recieve midi CC messages while I am typing in google chrome aha

Any workaround for this ?

Another question I have is that I am setting up alt+keystroke as a way to send midi CC, but it causes windows OS sounds + it opens BMT toolbar top menu, it act like some sort of defaut windows thing, is there a fix for that?

MT Pro is not aware of which application has focus. I suggest that you set up a separate translator that you can use to disable your keystroke to CC preset prior to typing in google chrome. You could then manually trigger that translator when entering google chrome. Then you could have another translator to re-enable the keystroke to CC presets when you are not in google chrome.

When you have an incoming keystroke trigger in MT Pro, the original keystroke is NOT suppressed, hence you should use keystrokes that are not assigned to any normal Windows triggered keystroke events.

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