Is it possible to send a device's Midi In signal through another device's Midi Out?

Hi! I love the software and have some experience with midi over the years. Would really appreciate the help if this is in any way possible…

I wish to merge the signals of two controllers into one single signal coming from a physical device. The reason is because I have a duplicate set of DDJ-RR controllers I wish to use on Rekordbox with full jogwheel access. Simply put, Rekordbox has its jogwheel mapping firmware and hardware locked so the software only accepts jogwheel input from a Rekordbox enabled DDJ controller. Annoyingly, because its a duplicate controller, Rekordbox can only recognize one device at any given time while other software, like Traktor, sees both controllers with no issues at all.

I’m only concerned with routing the handful of midi notes specifically tied to the jogwheels. I’m fine with mapping everything else using a virtual port via Bome MT.

Is there a way to have the Rekordbox software recognize the Midi Out of my secondary controller as though its coming from the first controller using Bome MT?

Hi and welcome to the Bome community!

It is indeed possible to route a single MIDI signal to do different ports from a single controller. With that being said, some software requires specific port names to be present and will only use those port names. If Rekordbox, allows you to pick your port for your controller, then you should be able to accomplish what you want. However if Rekordbox requires a specific port name then things will be much more difficult.

The attached example of Bome MIDI Translator MIDI Router setup should help. The names reported by your DDJRR controllers, however may be different.

Now if Rekordbox insists and connecting to a given port name, then it will much more difficult. We can create virtual MIDI port names of our choosing using the Unlimited Names MIDI Ports feature of Bome Network, however the names you create may conflict the the existing names assigned to your actual devices on the operating system. This would mean possibly tinkering with driver names assigned of the operation system (beyond the scope of support Bome can Provide), so that the names show correctly for Rekordbox to connect…

I’ve attached a project file of the example I illustrated below to see if that helps.

2DDJ-Routing-Example.bmtp (727 Bytes)

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