Is it possible to use Bomebox without internet?

Is it possible to use Bomebox without internet?


I prefer to use a LAN without internet in my Studio Digital Audio Workstation utilizing a simple switch to access my slave computer and other network devices.My router is to far away to plug the switch in with ethernet. I am trying to add the Bomebox to this setup. Is this possible?

What Ive done so far is: I go to network settings (with WiFi turned off) on MacOS and the Bomebox doesn’t show up in the list, Just the Manual (static) IP of my switched network and its subnet mask.

I think I realize this isn’t a normal setup and I am new at this. I have gone over the WiFi setup tutorials but I don’t’ see anything about this scenario in them or the manual or here on the forum, yet.

Will anyone point me there?


To enable ethernet master.

  1. Connect via WiFi to your BomeBox (temporarily). By default it should be set as a Hotspot, so connect to it using the SSID of the BomeBox Name
  2. On BomeBox Web Config, Go to settings then to ethernet
  3. Set ethernet up as a DHCP Master.
  4. Reboot BomeBox
  5. Connect BomeBox and your devices to the ethernet switch. Do not connect any other ethernet masters such as a ethernet router as it will interfere with BomeBox as an ethernet master. There needs to be only one ethernet master on the LAN.

On you ethernet connected devices , your BomeBox should now be seen. You can use the Bome Network tool to connect to it.

If you have issues, you should still be able to get to WiFi to fix by connecting to the WiFi as a hotspot.

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Yes that worked

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