Is it safe to toggle a led in the midi controller, not from the bomebox

Hi Steve,

This a simple advice. Until now i was doing my togle script that way : Option 1

  1. push a midi controller button
  2. launch a preset
  3. if the preset works fine, toggle a state variable
  4. send a feedback as note on or control change (depending on the device), in order to light on a led.
  5. push off that button
  6. etc ...

But because of the troube I had with my irigBlueboard, I made a very simple preset with a latch note (or toggle) and it seems to work very well : Option 2

  1. latch a note on
  2. the note on activate a preset on the bomebox
  3. latch the note off
  4. the note off deactivate the preset and launch a script (allNotesOff on a specific channel)

So I don't control at all the led of the controller. I use the latch function and I hope everything goes well in the bomebox.


  • If my bomebox stop working, my foot controller does not give me any indications (the toggle carry on working)

Pros :

  • It is really simpler.
  • I can use a midi controller that do not accept led feedback

In use, I found the bomebox very reliable once it's on and correctly setup* (project loaded and bomeboxes paired). So I don't feel like I'm taking a risk by using option 2. I've tested it today and it was very consistent.

Just wanted your advice on that point, before buying a new midi foot controller that I have no control over the state of the led.


Thank you very much !

*(I have troubles sometimes when I start the bomebox to pair my 2 bomeboxes, or sometimes the project file is not loaded, and I have to connect through my phone to reload the project and reconnect all the midi ports. But I'm trying to understand why now, and maybe I'll create a new post about that)

Seems to me you are still sending notes off to control the LED state? Are you sending All notes off CC instead?


I’m using the toggle of the footswitch to toggle a preset.
Note 1 On -> Activate preset 1
Note 1 Off -> Deactivate preset 1
Note 2 On -> Activate preset 1
etc …

And with each note off (from the midi foot controller, it could be a CC, it does not matter), I send AllNotesOff message to avoid midi note getting stuck. But my main action is toggling on and off a midi translator preset.

But before I was toggling the led of the foot controller from a midi translator preset in the bomebox, and now I realise that it works really as well, to toggle an on/off state on a midi controller which toggle activate/deactivate preset on midi translator. But the main drawback, is that the state of the led does not reflect what is happening in the bomebox, but only what information has been sent to the bomebox.

I feel that it’s really enough. But I don’t know why until now I always forbidden myself to do it with this simpler way.

Well, I guess if it works.