Is midi translator pro what I need?

My DAW Studio one 5 can not link a Roland FC-300 foot controller to Amplitube 5 plugin to change presets only CC for expression pedals . I have a midi cable going to my Presonus studio 1810c midi in from the FC-300 midi out. Will midi translator connect the program change commands to the plugin?

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The FC300 is programmable so if you don’t mind reading the manual and doing some “tap dance” programming with the pedals, then you might not need Bome MIDI Translator Pro (MT Pro)

However, I have an FC300 and don’t find the programming very easy so I elect to just accept whatever MIDI it sends and use Bome MIDI Translator Pro to convert to the MIDI messages I need.

It looks like the Presonus Studio 1810c has MIDI so the ports should be exposed to MT Pro for input. You would then use a Bome virtual port to send to your Amplitube plugin after passing through any translators.

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