Is there a way to copy presets or translators from one project to another?

I have two instances of MT running. I'm trying to move several presets from the project in instance one to the project in instance two. There's a thread in the old forum about this, but it seems this was never resolved. Is there a way? Copy and Paste doesn't work, and I don't see a merge option in the file menu.



Hi Gabriel,

I haven’t tried it but there is a command line option to Merge project files.

MidiTranslator.ex /addproject <project filename1> /addproject <project filename2>

Make sure the projects are in the current folder or use complete path names if not.



Other than that, there is no real easy way, however you may be able to use a standard text editor but if you do make backup copies of your project files in case of an editing error.

I found this on Page 92 of the users guide. Section 15.3



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Now I remember how to do command line options.

So, to make it simple, I put two MT files called Add1.bmtp and Add2.bmtp in the Program Files (x86)Bome MIDI Translator Pro folder. Then I launch MT with the command line:

C:Program Files (x86)Bome MIDI Translator ProMIDITranslator .exe /addproject Add1.bmtp/addproject Add2.bmtp

Midi Translator launches and opens the file Add2.bmtp, but doesn’t merge it with Add1.bmtp

What am I doing wrong?

Have you looked at your setting and checked “Only allow one instance (recommended). I don’t think the merge function works unless that is checked. I’ll take a look and see if I can do it and get back to you.


Gee I can’t get it to work either. I’ll raise this with Florian and see what he said. It was several revisions back that I tried this before.

If I remember I had troubles with this before an he said he would look into this. In the meantime, he had me copy and paste and I got mine working that way.


I tried again with allow only one instance checked, but it still didn’t work.

Yep, I believe it is a but. Florian has been notified.

Hi, it seems to be a bug that MT Pro cannot copy a preset in one instance, and paste into another instance. I was never aware that this is a bug.
However, you should be able to do this:
Use only one instance of MT Pro.
1) open project 1. Select all presets. Invoke the Copy function (app menu, context menu, or Ctrl/Cmd+C).
2) open project 2. Focus the preset list. Invoke the Paste function.
Now Project 2 should have all the presets of project 1 and of project 2.

We’ll look into fixing the /addproject command line switch and for pasting into another instance.


Yes, the method of copying a preset in one project – then opening a new project and pasting into it works perfectly.



Great lesson from “The Master”.