Is there a way to filter translator names in the log window?

I have many translators, and it is easy to get lost which ones I have assigned by name. It would be very helpful if I could see the translator name appear in the log window when it’s triggered, so I don’t have to go sifting through presets to remember which ones I have pressed.


No you cannot filter on translator names but you can filter on numbers if you are using Incoming and Outgoing. For MIDI through messages you would need to filter on the port name or the actual raw MIDI.

If you click on a MIDI message in the log that is tied to a translator (Is MIDI IN or MIDI OUT), it will take you to that translator.

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Hi! In that case, I will click to navigate. However, if it’s ok to make a feature request, it would be cool to see something like this in a future update.

Absolutely! I will pass this request along.


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