Is there a way to set a range of velocities?

I have a hammer-action keyboard. This means, for example, pressing a key will play the press down, and the velocity of the key when it returns to base. For example, it would give “90 15 vv” for the press down, then “90 15 00” when I release it. This is read as two seperate velocities, so Bome acts as if the key was hit twice. is there a way to ignore it if it has a velocity of 0?

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90 15 00 is a note off message so if we suppress it, you will get stuck notes.

There are two types of note off messages

9x nn 00 - As described above - Velocity 0 is always note off
8x nn vv - Any velocity with this type of note-off message is a note off.

Steve Caldwell

I see, thank you for the info. Is there a solution?

Actually there is not a problem as I’m sure you will want note off messages and not stuck notes.

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If you turn on logging and show me an example in your log file, that might shed some more light on the subject, if indeed you are getting 2 note on messages.