Is there any solution what the heck reserves my midi controller?

Hi All,
I have several midi controllers, all works fine with my daw, except two.
There is something reserves my CME Xkey, and yes the Bome Midi Translator.
Only solution is to uninstall and reinstall the BMT. After that it turns white from red in Ableton Live settings.
Have we got any solution ?

Hi, if I understand correctly, Ableton Live is recognizing your CME controller directly thereby not letting Bome MIDI Translator Pro to access it.

This usually happens with a MIDI Remote Script in Ableton Live is enabled for a given controller. You will need to disable the MIDI ports in Ableton Live and instead enable the Bome Virtual Ports instead. You can then use Bome MIDI Translator Pro as a “middle man” between your controller and Ableton Live and set up translators to convert messages or the MIDI router if you want the original messages to pass through untouched.

Microsoft Windows does not allow access of MIDI ports by more than one application. This is a Windows thing not a Bome thing.

Let me know if this helps or you have further questions. If you have more specific details on what you are doing, please include them.

Steve Caldwell
Bome Customer Care

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Sorry it wasn’t described correctly.
I use CME independently from BMT in Ableton. Also BMT set up correctly. I use a Faderfox FT-3 to BMT to Ableton. So the setup is correct.
But i always have to unplug/plug the CME controller. Also have to uninstall reinstall BMT.
But these two and and USB-Midi cable doing this thing. It was before using BMT. So its not BMT related problem.

If your not using it with BMT, make sure that you have unchecked your CME port at the project, preset and translator level everywhere in you MT Pro project file.

Steve Caldwell
Bome Customer Care

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Hi Steve,
I have some troubles to add some new gestures to my project. You have made one but i would like to add more.
Could you give new ones to them Two last preset “Gesture 2” and “Gesture 3” where i need to add some new functions.
If i can see the relation Gesture (1) you have added already, maybe i will understand the relation.
I have set the incoming message to both of them.

Gestures 2 and 3 addition needed - Faderfox FT-3 ABLETON Midi control.bmtp (72.9 KB)

I have copied Gesture (1) you have made for me. I also set different incoming notes, also rewrite note number in rules, but looks like its not enough to duplicate :slight_smile:


This version although more complex it also more portable. I have 3 gesture buttons programmed here and use different global variables to manage gestures for each button. The rules in the translators with incoming timer gesture manager determine which note or CC controls the gesture.

You might need to study it a bit to see what is going on. It is heavily commented. Gestures that you do not want to use can be unchecked. Each gesture has a different outgoing action

gesture-manager-example-2020-02-07.bmtp (17.5 KB)

Steve Caldwell
Bome Customer Care

Also available for paid consulting services:

Thank you Steve.
Yes it will take a little time to understand.

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