Is there way to force Light guide OFF on Komplete kontrol s88 mk2


this might be out of Bome’s scope but I was wondering if it could be possible to ‘force’ the light guide to turn OFF on a Komplete kontrol keyboard s88 mk2. The keys are all lit by default & when u press a key, this particular key gets brighter. Rather annoying at night! Any way bome can handle that?

A lot of users have been asking for years for an update which never came. See this thread for reference :



You may try the below script. It will interface between your application and the KK S88 MK2. I have MIDI thru paths so that all MIDI in both directs gets passed through, however I added 2 translators that block notes coming from the application back to the S88.

Now it may end up blocking other things besides light guide so if it does, you would need to figure out which notes on which MIDI channels to allow through and which ones to not allow through. In this case you could set up specific translators to only block the notes that you want to block. Or you could turn off the MIDI thru path for KK incoming messages and instead create translators for the MIDI that you want to allow.

Here is how I have my aliases set up. You will need to set them up for your specific device and application.


You can learn more about aliases from this tutorial.

I set up the device assignments at the preset level so that only notes coming back from the application are blocked and notes coming from your S88 to your application will still go through.


For more information about device selection, see this tutorial.

Good Luck!

ss8mk2-block-incoming-notes.bmtp (1.3 KB)

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Hello Steve!
allright I will fiddle around with this. Just to clarify, is the expected result :
a)have the default state of the lights completely off (even when no keys are pressed)

b)just block the pressed key from brightnen up the light


IF a) is correct, then i’m sure A LOT of mk2 users will become BMT pro users!


Yes, that is the objective. I’m assuming the lights are turned on by notes coming from the host application.

I’m sorry, is A) the objective, or B) ?

The lights get automatically lit up on a per Native instrument vst basis
for example a bass vst will automatically have the treble note lights off to demonstrate they’re unavailable

I assume A is the default state and then B will turn no LED’s on.

If A is a false assumption, we may need to modify the project file to turn them all off when the project starts.