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Just got a question, don`t know if it is possible at all...

What I want to do, is to set Midi translator Pro between the Behringer BCR 2000 and the Isotonik BCRXL Midi Surface for Ableton (9, Win7)

When the Controller is linked to Ableton directly, everything works normaly, but when I connect the Controller To MTP and MTP to Ableton the controller is not recognized anymore, since Ableton sendssome information to the BCR I can recognize as if I would store some settings. Maybe a Sysex Dump??? Then I am completely lost, so I would like to ask if someone can help me here???

The cause is I want to use some commands of the BCR with my Foot Controller, but BCR´s Midi Input is only for Interface (BCR Data only goes USB OR Midi Din).

So I wanted to capture the Commands used by the BCR and "hack" my foot Controller in between.

Do you think there is a way to reach my goal?




Hi and welcome to the Forum.

In Ableton Live if your controller is listed, then select that in the top section of the MIDI settings, and set the input and output to Bome MIDI Translator 1 Port.

You also need to set these up as “control surface” inputs and outputs in the section below on the same dialog box.

In Bome, you need to route Bome Midi Translator 1 (from Ableton Live ) to your controller as output. You also need to route, your controller input to Bome MIDI Translator 1 (to Ableton Live) output.

You do this by going to the top project section and then in the lower right, drag lines between the ports. You also need to check the input and output ports in the sections above this on the right so they all show “open”.

Then you should be able to open the log window and check incoming and outgoing MIDI to see what is happening.

If you can’t figure it out from there, let me know and I will post some screen shots, when I move off of my Chromebook to my Windows PC.

Steve Caldwell

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This is already what I did ( I am also using XotoPad and Gordius Little Giant for Remotify and Selected Track Control, that both are working… I already disconnected those to get the BCRXL working, also started with a blank(new) MTP project to avoid swalloed commands), but as I descripted before, the BCR 2000 Controller does not react at all, when MTP is connected between, when I connect it directly, there is some communication between ableton and the controller (immediately), looking similar as when I store something on that controller(so I thought there is a SysEx Dump from ableton to the Controller, that get lost through MTP. Even the MT1 output (from Ableton to MTP) shows no activity)…

Could you post the project file you are using? (you will need to post as an answer since comments do not allow attachments). Or if you prefer, you can email me at
Also, can you tell me which of the operating modes you are using on your BCR2000?

Try the attached. Make sure you have Ableton Live set up to receive and send on Bome MIDI Virtual Port 1

I created an alias for the BCR-2000. You should simply assign it to your controller when you open the project file. You should be prompted.



See screenshots below for how it should be set up. The only difference should be Control Surface should be set up for your MIDI script “BCRXL” which I don’t have on my machine.



Any luck?

Any progress? I’m still here if you need me.

Thank you Steve,

tried your alias and it worked,compared with my settings and my settings suddenly worked (without any changes…???).

I don`t know what was wrong, but am happy, I now have it working.

Thank you so much for your help

sincerely, Dennis


Glad to hear! Take care, Dennis.