Issue with Translator Mapping in - Overlapping Shortcuts

Hello everyone,

I’ve created a translator in MIDI Translator Pro that converts the Shift + S keystroke into a MIDI CC message. It works perfectly, but I’ve encountered an issue. In the target software, there are other shortcuts involving Shift + S, specifically Shift + Alt + S. When I use Shift + Alt + S, the translator incorrectly triggers the action for Shift + S as if it’s detecting that keystroke first. This is quite frustrating.

I’ve experimented with altering the order of pressing the keys (holding Shift, then Alt, then S), but the issue persists. I don’t experience this in other macro software like Keyboard Maestro. Could this be a bug, or what?


EDIT: Apologies for any confusion earlier. I’ve discovered that the issue occurs when selecting the “Physical Keys” option in the translator settings. Switching this to “Shortcut” resolves the problem. I’ll leave this thread up in case anyone else faces a similar issue and is looking for a solution.


Is this true? I haven’t tested this.

Hi, thanks for reporting. What you’ve found is ‘by design’ indeed.
The logic is that an Incoming Trigger ‘Physical Keys’ of ‘Shift + S’ will always trigger when Shift and S are both down, no matter if any other keys are down.

This is annoying if you want to define shortcuts like you do, so as you’ve found out, that’s why there is the other option ‘Shortcut’, which only triggers if exactly the given modifier keys are down and no others.

And just for completeness, there is another way in MT Pro to prevent accidental triggering with ALT down: define a separate translator to set a global variable (e.g. ga) to 1 when ALT is pressed down, and another translator to set ga back to 0 when you release the ALT key. Then, in your translator for Shift+S, add a Rule like this:

if ga==1 then exit rules, skip Outgoing Action

This could be extended to other modifiers like Ctrl.
But as said, using Shortcut is much simpler.