Issues with USB hubs whn connecting to the Bomebox

I am having issues with USB hubs or my Korg Microkey 61 when connecting to the Bomebox. The Microkey 61 does not turn on when it is the only device on the D-LInk 7 port USB hub(DUB-H7) . However, if I connect two other USB devices to the hub first, then the Microkey 61 will turn on. The Korg Microkey 61 will turn on just fine on two other powered USB hubs even when it is the only device on the hub. The Microkey 61 will turn on fine when connected directly to the Bomebox. So it is kind of hard to tell if the issue is with the 61 or the D-Link.

Try using a different port for your Microkey 61 – Not all of the ports on the D-Link 7 hubs are equal. Read this post I did on the old forum.
Maybe it is related to the problem you are experiencing.

I bought the above hub. I noticed you cannot use the charging ports (last two ports) to power bomebox. The hub determines if a host is connected (power present) to put the hub in charging mode vs running mode. Since the bomebox is powered by the hub and the hub is looking for bomebox power to put into normal state, it looks like it is a catch 22 and the bomebox does not get powered. You must use one of the non-charging ports if you use the USB hub to power bomebox. FYI

Yes, I noticed the charging ports and I didn’t use them. I used the AC power adapter to power the Dlink hub. No matter which one of the 5 remaining ports I used the Korg Microkey won’t turn on. I have to connect two other USB divices to the hub first and then the Microkey 61. The funny thing is that if I unplug the AC power adapter, I have to insert the midi device in the same say. I suspect the it is the Microkey 61 that is acting up.

this is really strange! I wish I could offer any other theories as to what’s going on. Have you tried using the hub and the Microkey 61 on a computer to see if it behaves the same?

The Microkey 61 gave me plenty of troble when connecting to PC before. When I plugged in the 61 to Windows 10 yesterday, it did’t turn on at all. The 61 directly connected to the Bomebox, it turns on fine, but the 61 doesn’t like any of my USB 3 hubs and the Dlink hub. I don’t think the BB is to blame at all. Probably the Dlink is not to blame, either. At least, the 61 works very well with the Targus ACH63US USB 2.0 Ultra Mini Hub. No error whatsoever. I”ve got 4 midi devices connected. Everything works well. The Bomebox is so talented that I was thinking of a nickname for it just while ago; MIDI Commander Center, MIDI Headquaters, and etc. Anyway, I will have to find a hub with a little more ports than the Targus.

interesting info on the targus! A not-so-bad option will be to daisy chain another hub to the Targus. That way, you can use the Targus with the 61, and have more ports on the connected hub. Why it’s better than what it sounds like is that USB only supports 4-port hubs anyway. So a 7-port hub is actually 2 cascaded 4-port hubs. That’s also why you won’t find an 8-port hub…