IZ Radar 6 and Trident 78 console using HUI to MMC

Hi Smart People,
I own the IZ Radar 6 recorder and Trident 78 console. The Radar supports MIDI for machine control/sync. The Trident at some point in the future will make flying faders available utilizing the HUI protocol. And then I discovered FaderMate! Which of course also utilizes HUI. Were you guys able to nail down the MIDI to HUI translation? I’m attempting to avoid a DAW.

Hi and welcome to the Bome community!

MIDI to HUI translation is not hard, however most people focus on the following functions for DAWs

For each Audio Track

  • Fader Movement
  • VPOT (Pan) Adjustment
  • Select
  • Mute
  • Record Arm
  • Solo

It appears that the Radar 6 doesn’t have any way to recognize these types of commands via MIDI.

With that said, HUI transport controls translated to MMC controls should be possible.

MMC Standard Controls are shown on this site and a summary below:

Sub-ID#1: 06 = command
01 Stop
02 Play
03 Deferred Play (play after no longer busy)
04 Fast Forward
05 Rewind
06 Record Strobe (AKA [[Punch in/out|Punch In]])
07 Record Exit (AKA [[Punch out (music)|Punch out]])
08 Record Pause
09 Pause (pause playback)
0A Eject (disengage media container from MMC device)
0B Chase
0D MMC Reset (to default/startup state)
40 Write (AKA Record Ready, AKA Arm Tracks)
parameters: 4F
44 Goto (AKA Locate)
parameters: =06 01
47 Shuttle
parameters: =03 (MIDI Standard Speed codes)

Similar functions are available via the HUI protocol but may react a bit differently than designed for MMC.

If you want an example that handles the first 5 MMC commands, I can provide. It gets a bit more complicated on some of the other commands as the HUI name for a given command might do something slightly different. My guess is that when Trident decides to implement HUI, like FaderMate, they will focus on the set of commands I first listed which would have no function on your Trident 78 console.

Now also, Bome MIDI Translator can send serial data, so with understanding the Sony protocol, we could probably translate to those supported commands as long as you had the proper serial adapter on your computer to convert USB serial on your computer to RS422 on the Radar 6.

Also the back of the Radar 6 console on the manual does not show a standard MIDI DIN connector but perhaps you have a different board.

Note: I also opened this up as a new thread as it is quite different than the orginal question other than the fact that HUI protocol was in the title.

Steve Caldwell
Bome Customer Care

Also available for paid consulting services: bome@sniz.biz

Hi Steve,

Thank you very much for taking the time to go into such great detail!

To quote my contact at IZ: “RADAR uses a MIDI 5 pin DIN input connector to accept MIDI Machine Control (chasing MIDI time clock) , if you install a sync processor card in the Radar6.”

I just pinged him with the link to our forum conversation to get his insight on the issue.


Sounds good, Chris!