Keep number representation in hexadecimal format


when I work with values of variables it is often easier to work in hexdecimal representation than in decimal.
So, it is possible to enter values in hex-format. But they will be transformed to decimal if I leave a transition and enter it again. Interpreting bit-vectors in decimal form is not as easy as in hex representation … so is it possible to keep the format alive which was used by assigning a value a variable?

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Yes, I agree with you and I have requested that this get added.
Right now, When I enter the number I put a line above with a comment with the original format I used
// 0x40

That way I don’t have to look it up again when it later looks like this.

// 0x40

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Hi @Stefbert thank you very much for reporting this! Right now, the Rules are stored in a pre-compiled form in the project file, so all numbers are converted and formatting is lost. The next major version of MT Pro will treat the Rules code just as a text, so all your formatting, including number format, will stay exactly as you have typed them.

@FlorianBome … thanks for this information. Two questions related to this:
a) when will the major update become available?
b) I’m not fimiliar with the kind of license for MTP … do I have a lifetime update right, or do I have to buy a license renewal?

a) unfortunately, we never publish release dates in advance… but we have just released a minor update 1.9, and I expect maybe one or two 1.9.x releases before the major update to 2.0. The problem is that changing the rules in the described way will require a new .bmtp file format, and that will make them incompatible with previous versions of MIDI Translator Pro. So we don’t want to do that in a minor update.

b) all minor updates (1.x) are included with a license of MT Pro. A major update will require a moderate update fee. Note that we are on 1.x releases for 20 years…

I hope that explains some…

Hi @Stefbert

So probably just use the workaround I’m using and posted, create a commented representation of the original hex format for future reference.

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Also available for paid consulting services: