Keystroke Akzent on a german keyboard layout


I want to make a translator to get a german Akzent, normallly with "Command+Alt+Akzent", (Akzent, oben rechts neben dem Fagezeichen).

But the outgoing field "Physical Keys" gives:


what does not do what I need.

\\ Klangschmied //

In MIDI Translator Pro, Physical Keys emulates pressing the keys at the corresponding position of the keyboard. Sometimes, the representation in MIDI Translator reflects the name of the key on an English keyboard. In your case, the key which is an accent on a German keyboard, is the = key on an English keyboard. Chances are that if you execute that action on your computer with German keyboard set, it produces the German accent. Even though it displays something else in MIDI Translator Pro

Also note that there is the Text keystroke type. Entering an accent there will always try to produce that same accent when emulated, no matter which keyboard is currently used. For Text, whatever appears in the keystroke field in MT Pro is what will be produced in the target application.

If your preset is only used with a German keyboard, both methods should work the same.

Hope that makes some sense!
Let me know how that works.

Hi Florian,

thanks for the explanation.



works well.

It was a mistake on my side, I choose a key-velocity of 127, not any

Another Question:

How do a Translator look like to change the keyboard-layout, f.e example from “Deutsch” to “US”?

\ Klangschmied //

thanks, glad to hear it works!
MT Pro does not have built-in functionality to change the current keyboard layout. However, when it is changed, it should adapt any Text keystroke actions and still produce the same text.

What works is to set up keystroke shortcuts (e.g. Alt-Shift-1 for English, Alt-Shift-2 for German), and then emulate these shortcuts using an outgoing action in MT Pro. I have just tried it. Works great!

Thanks Florian,
it works like a charm.