Keystroke and mouse pass through

Hi all and Steve, i am looking for a way to use one qwerty keyboard and mouse to use with a few computers using a switching method.

Can bome pass through qwerty keystrokes and mouse?

My plan is to pass through keystrokes to bome network and toggle on and off presets to pick the computer that is receiving keystokes and mouse movement.


I don’t think Bome is made for use cases like that, keyboard would be possible but mouse is a whole different story.

A simple keyboard & mouse switch would be an easier solution.

There is also special software that does this.
I don’t know if it’s ok to link to that here, but if you google “Synergy”, it’s the first result. It used to be free, but it’s paid software now.

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Thais looks great thanks!

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Hi, if you need to pass other than keystrokes through Bome Network, you will need to convert the messages to MIDI on the sending end and then convert them back to keystrokes on the receiving end. I do this to send MIDI from my main computer to my streaming computer when running ManyCam for my Zoom teleconferences. Bome MIDI Translator Pro does the conversion on both ends.

I also use Synergy Pro for mouse actions although I could also use MT Pro with MIDIBuddy if I wanted to. Synergy is a good tool for me once set up correctly and I use the same keyboard and mouse for running Both my 2 windows PC’s an my Mac. It saves me on desktop space having single keyboard and mouse.

I use Control F1 through Control F3 as my hotkeys in Synergy to quickly switch between computers.

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