Keystroke down sending continually

I have several translator sequences that run sequence #1 on an incoming keystroke down, then run sequence #2 on the keystroke up. They all work fine.

But there is this one in particular where the incoming keystroke is making the sequence execute a billion times a second. It isn’t just sending it once. I changed up the keys, restarted programs. There is literally zero difference from this one and the ones that work. Would you know why this is? Or what ‘stop processing after executing this translator’ actually does?

I would need to see the project file and get pointed to the ones that work and the one that does not.

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I’m sorry but I already abandoned using keystrokes for that. Didn’t want to shove it on my dj controller, but I had to.

The good and bad translator sequences are so identical, I literally cut and paste the one sequence to make the other and just changed the incoming keystroke. And they are right beside each other in the same preset. So it’s Corsair’s iCue that’s glitching out. It’s been known for having some hiccups like that. So I shouldn’t have even asked about it, sorry.

OK, I’ll stand down then.

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Hey how was namm? Any exciting new gear?
I’ve been watching the MIDI Association Awards. The Fluid Chords winner looks pretty good.


I didn’t go but I’m sure there was some exciting stuff. I’ve played with and voted for Fluid Chords.


Any thing you consider noteworthy?

The Triad Orbit mic stands are on my wishlist now. The fluid chords and pitch bend are mpe type only, so I’m pretty sure that will be a struggle in FLS, as IL has stated they will never support mpe.
I like the electronic drum kits but don’t have time for that.
There’s a lot of nice keyboards there. Lots of stuff is just improvements to already existing tech.

But it’s tough to beat my studio now. It would take a miracle for me to see something to add to it.
Was just wondering if you saw anything.
I could have had a shot at the award, because a pitch bend plugin is pretty mediocre to win.
That is if I didn’t actually lose about a year worth of work, and have to rebuild everything. But it’s even better now. Oh well, I’ll get em next year. :slightly_smiling_face:

Yeah my studio is pretty full so something would really need to stand out for me to invest in any music gear right now.

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We have had business relations with Fluid Pitch for some time, and they were our friendly neighbors at the NAMM show. Great stuff!
In general, it was very nice to meet customers and music industry folks in person again. For time constraints, I have not been able to walk around a lot. I loved playing with the Orbita and testing the Digitaize MIDI violin – which works much better than any other bowed MIDI string instrument I’ve tried so far (I play cello myself). The Netherblade also seems to be an amazingly expressive instrument. It works better than what you expect from a touch screen.

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A spinning piano roll woooah. The tempo is the rpm woooah😮
You would think someone would have thought of that by now because of turn tables.
That reminds me of FLS’s euclidean rhythms module on the channel rack. It’ a beast.

Digital violin is nice. I remember at the candy shop digital flutes were going for like thousands of dollars. It’s nice any time you aren’t stuck to one sound though.
I definitely would have given them a run for their money with my daw control surface. ugh :persevere:

Thanks for the info! :grinning: i like emojis

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