Keystroke knob to midi cc

Hi Steve and All,

I have just got a One-knob controller with four buttons.
I want to use the knob which sends f13 when turning left and sends f14 when turning right.
So i want to send continous midi message to control volume fader in Ableton Live.
Could you help me?



Please find the attached example. Keep in mind with Bome MIDI Translator Pro, the original incoming keystroke is NOT suppressed, so if you have F13 and F14 programmed for other things, they still happen as well.

In this example I have 2 translators, one for incoming keystroke of F13 and the other for incoming keystroke of F14. In both cases we are controlling output CC messages to CC 60 on MIDI Channel one. I have the alias “Application” set to Bome MIDI Translator 1 Virtual Port, so in Ableton Live you need to enable that for input.
Here is what the alias looks like in MT Pro
And how Ableton Live is set up to monitor it.

I then do a MIDI learn in Ableton Live for the fader I want to control.

Now the two keys (Left/Right Turn) of your knob should control the master fader.

Keep also in mind the MT Pro must NOT be focused because it suppresses incoming keystrokes when it is focused (so you do not mess up while developing project). This, however can be changed in the settings of Bome MIDI Translator Pro but I don’t recommend it.


Note, I use the global variable “ga” to track the current CC value. You can see this by the rules of the translators

Right Turn

if ga>127 then ga=127
Log " Log Right"

Left Turn

if ga<0 then ga=0
Log "Log Left"

Simple-Key-to-CC-mapping.bmtp (1.1 KB)

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Excellent thank you! My only problem is that the faders are a little slow while turning the knob. Is there a way to double value of the steps for a faster fader moving?

Just for information. With Track Select 4.0.1 max for live device you need to map only one volume fader, clip pitch, pan, sends… also you have a track select button. All of them are midi mappable. This way you can reach all of your channels with a single fader or knob or encoder.

In the rules of each translator, changed the increment or decrement value. For instance where you see “ga=ga+1” change it to “ga=ga+2” (or whatever value you want). Same for the other translator for decrement value.

Steve Caldwell
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Also available for paid consulting services:
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Thank you Steve.

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