Keystroke MIDI 'mute'

Hi Steve!

I want to use a keystroke to ‘block’ and ‘unblock’ midi notes from passing through BMT. Sort of a ‘mute’ function.

I have midi notes coming from my DAW through BMT to another piece of external MIDI equipment. I need it so that BMT will stop passing these specific Midi notes when I press a keystroke, and continue passing the midi notes when I press another keystroke.

Hope this makes sense. Thanks!


With Bome MIDI Translator 1.9 it is easier as it has an outgoing action to enable and disable MIDI routes. Please see the attached example. Here I toggle the global variable ga and either enable or disable the MIDI route depending on the value. If ga==1 then the MIDI route disabled (muted), otherwise enabled (unmuted).

I’m using the Shift Key Here since shift is usually something that other applications will not process by themselves.

Keep in mind that the original incoming keystroke itself is still passed to the current in-focus application and is not suppressed.

Also make sure Bome MIDI Translator Pro is not the application in focus unless you turn off “Ignore incoming keystrokes when focused” in the settings otherwise it will not work.

The nice thing about this is that System Exclusive(SysEx) messages are also muted. In prior versions of MT Pro you could use presets to enable/disable output if you had a MIDI thru path you could only suppress certain SysEx by pattern.
ESC-Key-Mute-2021-09-21.bmtp (1.0 KB)

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Perfect. Thank you so much!