Keystroke not work

Hello, I’m trying to create a button with MIDI input, which I see in the incoming, but I don’t get any KEYSTROKE signal,
I use Windows 11

Hi, the most common problems would be.

  1. Your incoming trigger does not match your MIDI message.

If this is the case and you turn on your log window and check ‘Incoming’ and ‘MIDI IN’, if you see only ‘MIDI IN’ then there is not a match to your incoming trigger.

  1. MT Pro is still focused. By default MT Pro will not send outgoing keystrokes if it has focus. This is because it could mess with your programming of MT Pro itself. You can change this behavior in settings.


  1. Your desired application that you want to send the keystroke 2 is not focused (related to that last issue).

If you post a simple project file as an example of what is not working, I can assist further.

Steve Caldwell
Bome Customer Care

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