Keystrokes remapping midi channels via Bomebox


I have a relatively complicated midi setup going on, in which I want to do something which is (I think) quite basic, but my translator is not working yet. I’m using two midi keyboards, connected to two different midi inputs (using a MioXM midi interface for extra ins and outs to my Bomebox). The keyboards are Yamaha CBX K1’s which, to change the midi channel, require two hands which is a problem while I’m performing. To make this possible with one hand I decided to use a usb numeric keypad, plugged into one of the usb ports on the MioXM. (I’m using the BomeBox usb port to connect the MioXM). For both keyboards I’m using midi channel 16 for the channel to be remapped to ch 1 - 16 with the keypad. Keyboard 1 is selected when I press the “/” key and keyboard 2 is selected when I press “*” on the keypad. I started with 16 translators for the keystrokes. For example:

[x] Translator 0.17: remap to ch 1 keystroke
Incoming: Physical Keys: Num / 1 Num Enter
Rules: ga=1
Outgoing: (none)

and then a translator for note on and note off with:

[x] Translator 0.32: kb1 ch 16 remap note on
Options: swallow
Incoming: Note On on ch. 16 with any note set ‘oo’ to note with any velocity and ‘qq’ to velocity, on port CBX
Rules: ga=pp
Outgoing: Note On on ch.‘pp’ with note:oo and velocity:qq, to ports D-110, STmini

D-110 and STmini are my synths and midi recorder.

I’m pretty sure I’m missing something obvious in this example. I was looking for a BMTP project as a reference that does this in the forums but couldnt yet find any. If there is one I would love to take a look.

Any help would be great. Thanks a lot!


Hi Jacco,

I would check if there is any routing between ports within your MioXM. It is possible that it is configured to pass through all MIDI messages to your given output port thereby bypassing translators.

Also, once you get it working, you might want to add another translator for Note-Off so you don’t end up with hung notes left on.

Finally if you want to output to MIDI channel 0, ga (later pp) whould be set to a 0 instead of a 1 as MIDI CH 1-16 is 0-15 (0-F hex).

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Hi Steve,

Thanks for your response. I’ve checked the routing but all looked fine, and was working well for all other routing and translating I have going on with the bomebox and the MioXM. I suspected it might be the usb hub built inside the MioXM, so to be sure I disconnected everything and tested the translator only using the ports on the Bomebox, sending the keyboard to my synth via the MIDI DINs and with the numpad connected via the usb port. Still my translator doesn’t seem to work. The note-off translator is also present. Could there be something else I’ve overlooked?


Ah now I have it working! I made a new BMTP project with only the essentials, and that seems to work, so from here I feel confident I can get it working in the more complex project. I’ve added the stripped down project below for anyone who’s looking to try the same. Also the specific numpad I’m using.

Thanks again for the help!


numpad midi channel remap.bmtp (3.7 KB)

Now trying this same project again, with the only difference being that the MioXM is connected via usb, and the numpad is connected to the Mio’s USB port, it doesn’t work. The only MIDI DIN ports being used are still the BomeBox. Maybe I have to specify which usb port is being used in the translators? Otherwise I might need a USB hub to expand the usb ports directly on the BomeBox. Is there by any chance a list of recommended USB hubs that will work well with the BomeBox? Ideally also available in Europe?



I’m pretty sure the MioXM does not support the keypad as it is not a MIDI device. You will need to hook the keypad up to a hub to the BomeBox along with the MioXM.

I think pretty much any USB hub should work. I usually get my stuff on Amazon as if something doesn’t work, they have a pretty easy return policy. Here is what I use for unpowered USB hub.

Steve Caldwell
Bome Customer Care
Also available for paid consulting services:

Great thanks for the link! And good to see that a simple cheap passive hub such as this can work.
Yes the hub will solve things, as I just tested the usb ports on the MioXM while connected directly to my computer with BMTP running, and it does indeed not detect any input from the keypad.