Kill an app with BMT

Hello, is it possible to kill an app using Bome Midi Translator like using the windows app manager to stop the execution of an app ? Thanks a lot for your help.

No, I’m afraid not. You would probably need to run a helper application that you could execute as an outgoing action with a parameter that could figure out the task ID by something like its window title.

Steve Caldwell
Bome Support

Hello Steve,

Happy to talk with you again. Unfortunately you kill my hope ! In each of my organ I use Hauptwerk software. Unfortunately sometimes this program freeze and even there is an internal command to exit, this solution don’t work and I need to kill Hauptwerk using the Windows Task manager. But my customers are unable to do that (they are organists) and I would like create a “Panic” button to kill Hauptwerk and reload it with BMT. I do it for the reload but how to do it for the killing job ? Could you make me a proposal for an .exe able to do that ?

Kind regards



Hi, if it is on Windows but not Mac, I may be able to help you as part of a private paid consulting engagement. Please reach out to me via PM or email to discuss. If it is on Mac, we would have to search out a different resource to help.

Steve Caldwell
Bome Customer Care

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