Knobs and Press and Hold functionality

Hi there!
Really excited about MIDI Translator Pro, I’ve got some of the basics down but I’m having trouble in a couple of areas;

I have a Presonus ATOM SQ and am using Bome Translator Pro (BTP) to assign the various buttons with common windows shortcut commands with the hopes of being able to use the buttons on multiple editing programs. Assigning simple single press buttons with keystrokes (Ctrl+C, or Ctrl+Shift+Delete) is wonderful, and working well. However, I am finding it would be useful for me if I could assign just the ‘Shift’ button or the 'Ctrl button. But I cannot figure out the correct configuration in BTP to achieve the press and hold functionality as they operate on a normal keyboard.
In addition, the ATOM SQ has 8 knobs I can assign. But BTP seems to only recognize the absolute values (0-127) and in only one direction within the same translatory entry. So the knob only ends up turning the values both up as I turn right (clockwise), and left (counter-clockwise).

Any advice/direction would be much appreciated.
Thanks so much in advance!

Hi Keith, Welcome to the Bome Community!

You can assign the shift or hold button by pressing the Down radio button on the outgoing action. You should probably also disable key repeat. See below


Now with that said, there may be some limitations on using shift or control using MIDI translator as modifiers and then the second key on your real keyboard. Some applications expect the whole keystroke with the same keyboard source.

Usually you will want to use Note-On for a down action and Note-Off for an up action. If you notice, there is another radio box to check for and up keystroke action.

On your second question, your ATOM SQ control is probably sending “relative” movement, where positinve is 1-63 as you turn right (usually only 1-7) and 127-64 as you turn left (where 127 indicates -1 126 indicates -2 etc.

You can convert this to absolute values if you would like by reviewing the tutorial on relative to absolute.

Let me know if you have further questions and happy Bomeing!

Steve Caldwell
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Steve, thanks so much!
I was able to follow along but unfortunately, both the functions I’m trying to assign aren’t working. Really what I want to do is have a button on my ATOM SQ that I can hold like a shift button while I use my mouse to click/drag across multiple items. It would just allow me to not have to switch back to my normal keyboard to achieve this. (super minuscule, I know! haha) But the best I can get BTP to do is fire once as I press and that’s it… I can’t get it to understand I want it to keep firing while I hold the button. Likewise, with the knob issue, I was able to set the rules for the Relative to Absolute, and I feel as though I’m really close but I don’t know how to properly assign it to the mouse wheel. The best I can do still results in the knob raising or lowering (depending on if I put +1 or -1) no matter what direction I turn the knob.
I almost feel as though there should be some kind of rule I can set for it to understand +1 when the value assends (or when I turn the knob to the right), and -1 when the value descends (turning the knob to the left). Or maybe I could have one translator entry with a rule to ignore assending values so it only puts out a descending result, and another (duplicate) translator entry with the rule changed to ignore descending… There must be something I’m missing… ?? Thanks again so much for any further assistance you might have for me.

Hi, try the attached.

The first two translators handle the control function. You mouse needs to be active in the target application for it to work. When you press the button (in this case note-on note 12 on MIDI CH 1), the control key will be held down (first translator).

When you release the button (note-off note 12 MIDI CH 1), the control key will be released.

I was able to go to file manager and hold the button down and then use the mouse to click and select multiple non-adjacent files.

For mouse wheel look at the second two translators, The first one handles Wheel Down when you move to the right. The second one wheel up when you move the knob to the left.

You may need to change the note and CC numbers depending on what your ATOM sends.

You will also need to assign “My Controller” as input to your ATOM.

Again, these type of messages always target the currently active window.

Control-and-Mouse.bmtp (1.5 KB)

Steve Caldwell
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Thanks again Steve!
I really appreciate your help!
I was able to achieve the desired functionality for the Ctrl & Shift! Works perfectly when I press and hold as needed!

I was not able to achieve the desired result when trying to assign a knob to my mouse scroll wheel. I can only get it to work in one direction, or they just cancel each other out.

It’s not possible to set a rule for BTP to ‘Ignore’ or ‘bypass’ odd values is it? If so I could create a translator entry to ignore odd values and set the output to +1 and then another entry to ignore even values and set it to -1
I also need to figure out how to make the knobs continuous. it stops at 0 and at 127. I need to figure out a rule that loops the 0 value back to 127 and another that loops the 127 value back to 0.
But as I’m sure you can see from my ideas, I don’t understand how rules are understood let alone written lol

Yout don’t offer any kind of zoom training session do you? I’d gladly pay a fee to book your services so I can share my screen and have you help me get this all set up the right way.

Thanks again for your time and your insight!


I’m happy to do a Zoom meeting with you on a paid basis. Just reach out to me via email.

We could set it up for even and odd, however I doubt if that is what would work. I think we could probably configure your Atom controller as relative and then you won’t ever hit an end stop.

Steve Caldwell
Bome Customer Care

Also available for paid consulting services:

Hi Steve!
Well I deeply apologize as I did not see this message until now - 5 MONTHS LATER!!! - LOL wow!

I am still loving BOME and I use it on a daily basis with my ATOM sq midi board for video editing and live stream productions. Obviously, all this time I’m still not utilizing the knobs as I would like to. So I am still very interested in paying you to do a Zoom meeting with me to help me get it set up properly as I still just can’t seem to connect the dots. What is your fee? Hourly? or is it a session fee? And can I pay you through PayPal or Venmo?

Thanks again for your willingness to help. Actually - at this point - if you think it would be more efficient to communicate via email, please do so:

Sure, I will send you an email.

Steve Caldwell
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Also available for paid consulting services: