Komplete Kontrol as Control Surface via BomeBox


I was wondering if it’s possible to use a komplete kontrol keyboard as a control surface within ableton live via the BomeBox. I was able to get this working using midi translator pro following the youtube video on the virtual ports/DAWs. My issue is when loading the project onto the bomebox, this configuration didn’t work. I believe it’s because the midi translator pro virtual ports don’t exist on the bomebox, but I’m not sure what the alternative is for running it on the bomebox.

I think what needs to happen is create a route mapping the komplete kontrol DAW port (I believe they actually use a bome virtual port for this) to a virtual port that can be seen in the daw, but I may be wrong on that.

So is there a way to have komplete kontrol be used as the control surface in ableton with all the access to transport and the plugin browser when connected via the bomebox instead of to the computer?



Hi, and welcome to the Bome Community!

This should indeed be possible. Without looking at your project file, I’m assuming that you want Ableton Live to connect to your Bome Network port on BomeBox. It will have the name of the BomeBox. So in Live you connect to that port for both input and output. If you want it for porformance you set input and output as track, or if you want control surface functionality you set it up for control input and output.

I usually use aliases in MT Pro when connecting things. This way when you move your project to BomeBox, you just assign the aliases and then go.

For instance in MT Pro, your aliases might be a Bome Virtual Port, but on BomeBox, it will be the name of your computer network connection to you BomeBox.

If you need additional assistance, I should be able to help if I see the project file.

Also I’m assuming you have the paid licensed version of MT Pro as the trial version does not do project signing which is required for running a project on BomeBox.

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Hi, Thanks for the quick response! Ok so I updated my project to use aliases and have attached the file here. Also, yes I do have the paid version of MT Pro.

kompleteProject.bmtp (831 Bytes)

The issue I’m getting when I load it onto the BomeBox is that it doesn’t seem to recognize the Komplete Kontrol DAW port. The komplete kontrol keyboards have 3 ports. The MT Pro:

But not on the bomebox:

I tried assigning aliases and setting up ableton in the following way, but with no luck:

Are you sure that the Komplete Kontrol doesn’t only have 2 ports? It appears that you are using BomeVirtual1 as an alias for Kompete_Control_S MK2.

Could you show me in MT Pro on your MIDI Input Section (not the router), all of the input and output ports that are shown?

On your BomeBox it looks like you have Komplete Kontrol S61 MK2(1) and Komplete Control S61 MK2(2). Do you have 2 connected? It is possible that (1) is the keyboard and (2) is the DAW.

Steve Caldwell
Bome Customer Care

Also available for paid consulting services: bome@sniz.biz

Hi Steve, thanks for following up. There are indeed 3 ports, one of which I believe is a virtual port - DAW 1 - which is how they recommend setting up the standalone interface to control your daw. Port 1 is the USB and port 2 is the din port based on my understanding. Here is what the midi IO section looks like in MT pro.

Ah, then I suspect that the DAW port is non class compliant if you don’t see it on BomeBox. BomeBox MIDI only works with USB Class Compliant MIDI. You might want to check with the manufacturer.

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