Korg Volca Keys midi

Hello there,

i have a question about the connections on the Bome Box. I am trying to connect a Korg Volca Keys to my Bome Box (via midi din out on the Bome Box). I have MT pro and a Bome Box.

What i like to do is Playing the Korg Volca Keys with my midi controler (Arturia MiniLab2 or My synth Arturia MiniBrute2). Because the Korg Volca Keys don’t have a midi out or a usb port (only a midi in port), i thought to connect it to the Bome Box Midi Out Port, so it can receive midi messages.

Can help somebody how to set this up?
Unfortunately don’t have any idea how to do this.

Many thanks

Hi, and welcome back!

Yes, you can set up your BomeBox to send to your MIDI out port. You can hook up either your MINILab2 or MinBrute2 via either USB or MIDI DIN and then using the BomeBox web configuration MIDI routing page, create a route from either your MIDI DIN IN (if using Arturia MIDI DIN) or USB (if using Arturia USB) to your MIDI DIN out port. You must configure both your Arturia Device and your Korg Volca Keys to use the same MIDI channel.

I believe your Arturia devices both use Arturia software to set up the MIDI channel. You would need to set this up while connecting to a computer.

You can change the Korg Volca Keys MIDI channel by powering it on while holding the memory button as described in their manual.

Steve Caldwell
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Hello Steve, thank you for your quick response.

Still i have a couple of questions what i like to ask you.

The idea is to record everything in Ableton live 11.

1 . Do I need to make the routes in the Bome Box or in MT Pro?

Because when I go into the Bome Box web config I only have the Bome Din, my iMac and Network 1 as midi port and midi out ports

2 . MT Pro does have more midi in and out ports so I have to upload them to my Bome Box by check the little square on and save them as a bmtp file?

3 . I did that and now indeed I see the Arturia MiniLab mk2 in the web config Bome box by midi ports only in red.

By assignment I can only choose: none, none ignore, BomeBox Din my MyiMac. I think there I am lost again, hehe…

I wachten a couple of your youtube videos and one of them (Using the MIDI Router in the BomeBox) at 1.57 sec

You route the keyboard VI61 and a couple of more. I don’t have this in my midi ports in the web config. So I am wondering what do I wrong.

Thanks Steve for your time

You can record MIDI only from BomeBox to Ableton Live 11. To record audio, you will need an audio connection between your Korg Volca and your computer. BomeBox will only handle MIDI data.

This really depends on your setup. If you want to route MIDI from BomeBox to Ableton Live as well as the MIDI OUT connector on your BomeBox (to your Korg Volca), you could set up the routing as such in BomeBox by adding 2 routes.

  1. MIDI DIN IN (from your Arturia Device if connected via MIDI DIN) to MIDI DIN OUT or if you are connecting via USB, your Arturia USB device name to MIDI DIN OUT.

  2. MIDI DIN IN to imacvanaarandia (your iMac)

Then on your iMac in Ableton Live 11 select “BomeBox” (or whatever name you have for your BomeBox as the MIDI In Port to Ableton Live. You would use Bome Network on your iMac to have access to that port.

BomeBox will have any locally attached USB ports plus your MIDI DIN ports as devices. It will also have 1 port (and an alias) for every computer you have on the Bome Network, however you will not see individual port names on your computer within the BomeBox. For now there is only one network connection per computer and BomeBox does not yet have the capability of virtual ports.

I’m not sure why it is in red, I’d need to see the screen shot. Below is a screen shot of my BomeBox connected devices with a single network connection to my PC and a single APC-40 Mk2

These options are for setting up aliases. Maybe a screen shot here would help me determine where you are seeing this. Unless you are doing translations, you should not need Bome MIDI Translator Pro.

Yes, you will only see ports of devices you have attached locally via USB or of course the MIDI DIN and the network ports of any attached computers.

Steve Caldwell
Bome Customer Care

Also available for paid consulting services: bome@sniz.biz

Hello Steve and goodmorning from Amsterdam.
Yes it works just fine now. Also many, many, many thanks for your long explanation.
I had just one little question about the host usb on the Bome Box. Now i have the minilab connected through the usb host, but can you plug a USB Hub to this connection? So you can connect more synths, midi controlers to the Bome Box and route them to different places?

Again Steve Many thanks and yes i am back again, hehe…
i am happy to use my Bome Box again, :slight_smile:

Regards Carlos van den Berg

Yes, you can. You can probably get 2-3 devices with an unpowered hub but it depends on the current draw of the USB. I generally use a powered hub for more than 2 devices.

I’m glad to see you have it working now!

Steve Caldwell
Bome Customer Care

Also available for paid consulting services: bome@sniz.biz