Launch Control XL novation pads LEDs

Hi there,

I'm trying to get the LEDs lights of the 16 Pads at the bottom of the device to turn on and off when using the Launch control in standalone mode with a K-Mix interface. I've programmed the pads without problem in the novation editor, but I can't edit the LEDs with it.

The pads are set in toggle mode on CC. I'd need them to turn on and off accordingly. I've checked the programmer manual of the launch control and I've found the HEX codes for the LEDs colors, I've managed to add some with Bome, but I'm getting lost HEX code... any help would be great.

Attached images is where I'm at in the editor. I get the pad to turn red by adding 0Fh to the code. but when I press again, the LEDs stays on.

Thanks a lot!




Well it looks like the Launch Control XL editors no longer work on either PC or Mac so I had to use the browser (Novation Components) version to program it the way you have.

In the attached are two translators. One for the CC at toggle as you have it where the Launch Control XL controls the toggle state.

I also added one for momentary with CC24 and had Bome managing the toggling and color of the LED.


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