Launch Pad Mk 3- same as Mk 2?

I have 3 LaunchPad Mini Mk 2’s set up with BMTP to change the LED’s and activate/deactivate presets etc. Does the Mk3 Mini use the same language as the Mk2?. I would like to know because the system I have set up is quite complex and if the Mk 2 is discontinued and my current LP2’s fail, I would have to start from scratch with the Mk 3.


No, the LP MK3 is quite a different animal.

1- The note numbers assigned are quite different but you may be able to create a custom
user map with the Novation components application that emulates the same note numbers as the MKII
2-The color assignments are also different since the MK3 is RGB where the MK2 is only RG.

If you are on a budget, you can probably get a used spare MK2 in case one of yours fails. Otherwise, you can certainly use MT Pro to remap the MK3 to look like a MK2 to your application. As I said using custom mode and Novation components, you could remap the note numbers but not the colors.

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