LaunchControl XL Note on/off--> CC + LEDs


I’m working with a LaunchControl XL device that is a bit broken… when trying to use CC toggles with the buttons on the bottom, 6 diff buttons will send out multiple CC values that overlap with other buttons, causing all sorts of things in my template to unintentionally turn off and on. I found that if I change all these buttons to Note (toggle) it stops the problem, and am now trying to figure out how to convert these note off/on values back to the CC used in my initial project. The thing I am struggling with most now is getting LEDs to work.

I’ve attached the proj file for the top, leftmost button that is by default Ch 5 Note F-1 (41), which I am converting to Ch 2 CC 41. I got it working in one translation by making input ‘qq 29 oo’, rules ‘if qq==84 then oo=0’ & ‘if qq==94 then oo=127’, output Ch 2 CC 41 value=oo with output ports sending to both Bome Virtual Translator & LaunchControl XL. No dice. I tried making output the Raw Midi message ‘B1 29 7F’ and seeing if I could get the light to turn on (with no toggle) but it still didn’t work.

If anyone has suggestions for things I can try, please let me know! I’ve checked some of the other LaunchControl XL LED threads here but I think it’s going over my head… I understand that the specific velocity controls the light, and that output has to be routed to LaunchControl, but other than that, not sure what I’m missing.

launch control test.bmtp (1.4 KB)

Hi and welcome to the Bome community!

This is a very unusual problem and I suspect either you have programmed you Launch Control XL with overlapping MIDI messages or that you have MIDI thru paths interfering with your translators.

Could you export your Launch Control XL Settings and post it here and I will look at that to see if it is the problem before we try to fix it with Bome MIDI Translator Pro.

Also, perhaps you can open the log window and check MIDI IN and then push the problem buttons so that we can see what the buttons are actually sending. Usually changing from Momentary to toggle will cause problems because you will have less control of the LED state.

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Hi Steve,

Thanks for the prompt response! I’ve attached the template I’m using that doesn’t have those CC errors. The top leftmost button I’m working on alternates between 94 29 7F (on first press) and 84 29 00. I’m also making the actual routing between Bome’s output CC in Ableton, so I wonder if that could be the disconnect. I have Bome Midi as remote input and LaunchControl as output there. I thought maybe having LaunchControl as an output in Bome & Ableton would conflict, but when I disable one and turn on the other, still no light. Momentary won’t work for my setup unfortunately.

launchcontrol ch5 (working).syx (417 Bytes)

If you meant the original LaunchControl XL settings, I’m attaching that here as well. I have another LaunchControl XL unit that it works fine on, just not this one for some reason.
LaunchControl 2.25.24.syx (417 Bytes)

I suspect it will work fine on your end, but for instance, in this template, top leftmost button should just send Ch 2 CC 41, but instead inputs
‘MIDI IN [Launch Control XL]: B1 28 7F
MIDI IN [Launch Control XL]: B1 29 7F
MIDI IN [Launch Control XL]: B1 27 00’

Hi, if you change templates and then use the same button, do you also get multiple MIDI messages? If so, indeed you might have a hardware issue with that controller. If not, it might be something else and maybe a firmware update would be required. Using Novation Components you can check the firmware version of each unit.

As far as Ableton interfering, Unless you have ‘Swallow’ set in a translator, the original MIDI message will use the thru path. Even if Swallow is set, if the outgoing action of the translator does not execute (ie you have a rule that says ‘exit rules, skip outgoing action’), MIDI will still pass using the thru path.

The first template you sent me ‘launchcontrol ch5 (working).syx’ by your description is using Note and not CCs so the note off format of 84 29 00 needs to be converted to 94 29 00 to turn off the LED.

If your controller is bad then we can certainly filter out the stray messages with Bome MIDI Translator Pro as long as no other buttons or knobs are using them.

I suspect if it is not a hardware issue, a reload of the firmware might fix it.

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You can try this.

I have 2 presets. The first one handles translator traffic from LCXL to the Application, converting CC to Notes. The second one handles traffic from the Application to the LCXL converting notes back to CC.

Here is how my aliases are set up.


You can learn more about aliases from this tutorial.

I have MIDI port selection at the preset level.

For more information about device selection, seethis tutorial.

I deleted MIDI thru paths as I often find that if you don’t have translators to suppress messages, the thru message tend to sneak through.

launch control test-sjc.bmtp (2.0 KB)

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Thanks so much for this! My knowledge of Bome is pretty limited so I was struggling with your message, especially why you were converting CC to note back to CC. Not sure if this is what your project does, but that helped me figure out my main issue, which is the simple logic that LCX buttons won’t light up/turn off unless the original CC/note mapped in that .syx file is triggered.

I’d assumed that unchecking swallow on these translations would pass forward that initial note, but maybe due to my routing, that didn’t happen. I kept my translations (turning note on/offs that worked on the LCX into CCs that for some reason glitched out the board) that output solely to Bome Virtual Out (selected as remote in for Ableton), and created duplicate translations that ‘translated’ the note message to the same note message, and output solely to LCX (whose input is not selected in Ableton at all). Voila.

Well I’m not entirely sure what you are saying but I’m glad you have it figured out. Yes the feedback needs to be the same note or cc that you send. For note-off however it has to be in the form of 0x9o pp 00

where o is the MIDI CH (zero based) and pp is the note number.

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