Launchpad Mini MKIII & Daslight

Hi, I am using a trial of Bome Midi Translator to connect my Launchpad Mini MKIII to Daslight (lighting control software). I’ve set up a converter to convert channel 1 to channel 2, this is working perfectly!

I am feeling a bit dumb as I cannot get the lights on the LaunchPad to turn on when pressed.

Note: Daslight automatically sends a midi message back to the current port, so without Bome I can get the lights working (but I have 2 controllers so need Bome to keep this on Channel 2 since this particular launchpad can’t change the channel itself).

I have screenshots below of the settings in Bome as well as Daslight (Note, the midi trigger settings in Daslight are sufficient to cause the pads to light up when using as channel 1)

If I can get this working I’m literally ready to buy, I’m sure I’m just missing something

Daslight Midi Trigger

Hi and welcome to the forum!

For your reverse translation, you would set up a translator as follows to sent to the second controller. Notice we are looking for any note number and any velocity and passing the same note number and the velocity through to the controller. You had hardcoded the incoming note number to note 64 (0x40) and outgoing note to 60 (0x3c) so it appears you may have been sending LED feedback with the wrong note number.

Translator : LED Control 2nd LP Mini
Incoming: Note-On MIDI CH 2 any note set note to pp and velocity to qq on port Bome MIDI Translator 1

// None

Outgoing: Note-on Note pp velocty qq to port LPMIDI MK3 MIDI 2
Options: Swallow

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Works perfectly! You have a sale!

Glad to have been of help!

Steve Caldwell
Bome Customer Care

Also available for paid consulting services: