Launchpad Pro, Electribe 2S and Squarp Pyramid

Hello, Bome community!

I just recently purchased a Bomebox and began doing some homework on Midi Translator Pro.

What I would like to do is control my Squarp Pyramid as well as my Electribe 2S with a Launchpad Pro Mk 1.

I would like to be able to have basic parameter control (especially OMNI state switching) and muting control for the Pyramid.

Additionally, I'd like to be able to trigger each channel of the Electribe 2S to be able to finger drum live while recording on the Pyramid.

It seems this should be doable from what I have read thus far. Could you provide some guidance?


If you want fine control of these message, you will indeed need to purchase MIDI Translator Pro before uploading to BomeBox.  You basically do the development on your PC or Mac, then upload the project file to BomeBox for execution. 

With a MTP project, you can still do simple static routing with BomeBox.

So to get everything working for development you would:

1) Hook all of your gear up to your PC or Mac

2) Set up your project. Define all of you ports with aliases. Always send and receive from the aliases. This will make things easier when you upload your project to BomeBox as all you will need to do is re-assign the aliases for that environment and the project should work fine.

3) Add presets and translators for what you want to do.  Organize/group your project input and output devices by presets. This will make it easier to control which input and output ports you are sending to without. 

You should probably look at this tutorial for more information here.


If you are new to MT Pro, I suggest you review at least the firt two.


Without more specific details on each function you want, it will be difficult to assist further at this time. Just start setting up translators to do what you want and if you have a question on a specific function, ask here. You might want to research what others have done by doing a keyword search on this forum before asking.


I'm also a Bome Programmer/Consultant so if you want this built for you, just send me an email with your specific requirements and I can provide an estimate.


Steve Caldwell
Bome Q and A Moderator and
Independent Bome Consultant/Specialist