Led channel change on launchpad mini mk3

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I’m trying to make a map for the TRAKTOR DJ software where I can switch between multiple MIDI channels and have LED feedback on the launchpad mini mk3 in programmer mode. I’ve successfully got the pads to generate a note value on channel 4 rather than 1 but the TRAKTOR software doesn’t seem to be able to send the LED feedback to the same pad on channel 4. I was wondering if this was possible and how I would go about setting it up.


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I don’t see where the LP MINI MK3 will accept any MIDI feedback on MIDI CH 4

Excerpt from page 15

Channel 1, Notes: 90h (144), Control Changes: B0h (176): Static colour on Session layout.

  • Channel 2, Notes: 91h (145), Control Changes: B1h (177): Flashing colour on Session layout.
  • Channel 3, Notes: 92h (146), Control Changes: B2h (178): Pulsing colour on Session layout.
  • Channel 5, Control Changes: B4h (180): DAW Fader position sets.
  • Channel 6, Control Changes: B5h (181): DAW Fader colour sets.
  • Channel 16, Notes: 9Fh (159): External note injection on all External MIDI channels

However changing MIDI channels is quite easy. Just listen on MIDI CH 1 for input with pp any value and qq any velocity on the port that you have set for TRAKTOR DJ.

Then on output, change it to MIDI CH 4 to send it to your Launchpad MK3.

Incoming - Note ON any note set to pp MIDI CH 1 any value set to qq from Bome MIDI Translator 1

Outgoing - Note ON note pp value qq on MIDI CH2 to LP MINI MK3

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Hi Steve.

Thanks for your quick reply. I see now on the MK3 reference guide which channels are available for LED feedback, thanks for that.
Is there any way to reset an LED pad when the pads midi channel is changed so that the TRAKTOR software would display the correct output LED on channel 1 or is that outwith the scope of either software?


Here is a demo file that has several functions you may be interested in.

First of all on project open I fire a timer called INIT that sets the LP MINI to programmer mode. The timer fires with Control(Up) on the computer. Translator 0.1

Translator 0.10 also triggers which starts a repeating timer (translator 0.11). The repeating timer iterates through all notes turning everything off. You could use supported incoming event to trigger this.

You can play with the other stuff to see what it does. The translators all have some descriptions to what they do.

You need to set your Launch Pad MIDI to the second port of your LP device for programmer mode. Have fun!

LP-MINI-MK3-Demo-2023-04-19.bmtp (6.1 KB)

Steve Caldwell
Bome Customer Care

Also available for paid consulting services: bome@sniz.biz

Thanks for that Steve, this is what I was looking for. I’ll give it a proper look when I get the chance.