LED Feedback AKAI APC mini mk2 with GrandMA2 on pc


I use a AKAI apc mini mk2 to control Grand MA2 on pc. To set the LEDs of the PADs on I would use a Makro. For example (MidiNote 96 00 05).
Nothing happens.
To use the Faders of the APC I use BOME Translator Pro.
If I set the MIDI Out of Grand MA on ‘Bome MIDI Translator Virtual In’ I can see, the out coming Midi Messages from Grand MA in the BOME Software.
So how can I send the incoming Midi Messages from Grand MA2 to my APC mini

I think the syntax is MidiNote MidiChannel Note.velocity

So in your case it would be MidiNote 7 0.5 to to whichever virtual port you are sending to and then draw a line from the router virtual port to APC MINI MK2 1 port.

5 is velocity for red.

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