Led issue 2

How do i get midi data from osculator into MT, and have the leds programmed by MT to correspond with the information being sent from osculator to trigger my controllers leds? The way i have it set up now im using my controllers midi input into osculator to send midi data out of the osculator output. I then tried assigning osculators output into MT midi input in the incoming section, and i set the led preset to my controllers output. Not getting any results. Whats the best way to go about this?

So if I understand, the path is Controller -> Osculator -> MT Pro -> Controller?

Is this correct? This should work just fine, however if I remember a few days ago you asked in you run two instances of MT Pro. Are you running two instances and if so, how are the 2 instances connected? If you are trying to connect A Bome virtual port output of MT Pro into a separate instance of MT Pro, this will not work with Bome Virtual Ports. You will need to use some other solution for your Virtual ports as only 1 and only 1 end of a Bome Virtual Port can be connect to MT Pro.

This will work:

Non MT Pro application -> BMT Virtual Port -> MT Pro -> Controller

Controller -> MT Pro -> BMT Virtual Port -> Application

Non MT Pro application -> BMT VIrtual Port -> MT Pro -> Non MT Pro application

This will NOT work:

Non MT Pro application -> BMT Virtual Port -> MT Pro instance 1 -> BMT Virtual Port -> MT Pro instance 2 -> Controller or non MT Pro Application

Note in the last example that does not work, you are attempting to re-route MIDI output from a BMT Virtual Port between two instances of MT Pro.


If this is not the problem, please clarify your configuration.

I’m not sure what 3rd party Virtual MIDI ports are available on Mac. For the last configuration, I would use either LoopBE or LoopMIDI on Windows to connect the two instances of MT Pro together. It may be that Mac can natively create virtual ports. If you would let me know, that would be great.

Steve Caldwell
Bome Q and A Moderator and
Independent Bome Consultant/Specialist


Thanks Steve! You do understand the path correctly. No to having 2 instances of MT running. Even went back to check the option in the preferences so only one instance can run.

The one part im not understanding is getting the leds to react/toggle from the midi coming in. I feel it should though. I tried rerouting by having the controller be the input in to MT and then send Midi out to the Osculator IN port, but i dont like how Osculator reads the information. Its not conducive for what im trying to do because im using osculator to send trigger commands. Even still with the last way i described the leds still didnt respond.

Could you post your current project file as well as copy an paste a log with everything turned on? I can take a look.

Your configuration should work, however please check the following;
1) If using MT Pro to control LED states, please remove any default MIDI THRU routes.
2) Make sure that you have inputs and outputs set correctly and remember
– Preset inputs and outputs override project defaults
– Translator inputs and outputs override both project and preset settings.

Hey Steve sorry about that im over here struggling with user error. When i was about to send you the project rechecking everything it clicked for me what the problem was. As I was sending midi out of MT to osculator i wasnt checking for midi to still be sent to the controller. Which gives me back the response for leds. I think this is the first time ive routed something that needed 2 outputs like this, but this makes perfect sense. Thank You!

You’re welcome, Preston!