Leds VPot X-Touch with Daslight

Hi, I am currently using a complete X-Touch with Daslight 5, I want to be able to manage the leds of the VPots according to the value sent by the VPot, I have already configured them so that it comes out with a value between 0 and 7F, I want to specify that I use the MCU protocol.

I would also like, if it is possible with Bome translator, to turn on the 7 segments screen and display a timer.

I put my Bome translator file just below :
X-Touch.bmtp (15.3 KB)

Thanks for your help in advance !

Hi and welcome to the Bome community!

Please find the attached. Here is what I did

  1. Added and Init preset. Within that preset I have a timer called “Init” to run at project start and on control-Right keystroke. I also set a few global variables.
    ga=mackie MCU ID - I don’t have an X-touch but I have an X-touch One. You may need
    to mess with the value to get it working with an X-touch instead of an X-touch One
// Mackie MCU type
// X-Touch Extender = 0x15
// X-Touch = 0x10?
// X-touch One = 0x14

I did not mess with any other global variables.
2) Added another translator to your V-Pots preset called “V-Pots - Feedback”
This translator will look at the value of your current V-Pot and scale it and convert it to the format that MCU is looking for on the LED rings.

// determine ring number

// Scale qq

// determine mode
// 00 = Single dot
// 01 = Boost/Cut
// 02 = Wrap
// 03 = Spread

// OR with vpot

Log "Log pp=0x%0x pp% qq=0x%0x qq%"
  1. Added a preset Xtouch Display and added some translators there.
    -Display “Hello” message into the first scribble strip when timer Init triggers.
    -Display Time code message 0-9 using 2 translators the first translator sets a repeating timer and the second on sends out the respective digit.

I’'m not sure what else you want to do with the timer display but you should get the idea on how to control the display if you evaluate the outgoing messages.

The format is B0 4x qq
Where x is the position of the digit 0-9 and qq is the ASCII character to display in that digit.

X-Touch-sjc.bmtp (17.4 KB)

I hope this helps!

Steve Caldwell
Bome Customer Care

Also available for paid consulting services: bome@sniz.biz


That’s great, thank you! Everything works!

I was just wondering why there are only 11 points out of 13 that light up on the VPots, I would like that when the value is at 0 the first point is still lit and when the value is at 7F it lights up until the 13th point.

For the 7 segments display, I managed to write some text with it so I understood a little bit how it works, but I would like it to display a timer (stopwatch) and I would like to be able to pause or play it, if it’s not possible it’s not serious.

For the scribbles it’s great, thanks, until now I was using a script on a Windows VM because I’m on a MacBook, but now it simplifies my task to have everything directly on Bome Translator.

Last request is that since I’m in MCU mode the faders always come back at the bottom, so I followed your answer on another topic, but the problem is that the faders tend to block when I try to move them too quickly, is there a solution for that?

X-Touch-sjc.bmtp (18.0 KB)

Thanks to you.

You might try scaling using values of 128 and 12 instead of 127 and 11. Then since MT Pro only works with integers, you may need to tweak the end points a bit with rules.

This is possible but beyond the scope of free support. We an discuss further if you would like under paid support so if interested, drop me an email or private message me. I would need to know what MIDI messages you would like to use to start, stop, and reset the timer and also the speed and display format. There may be some limitations, if you have requirements for accuracy less than 1ms as this is the smallest value MT Pro can handle unless you use an external timing source that can handle sub millisecond accuracy. It would actually be better if you have an external clock source that could send MIDI timing clock messages that we could use to update the display. Also since I have and X-touch One, I would have to do development on that as I don’t have a full X-touch.

The best way to handle this is to have the application only provide the fader feedback so that you are not fighting the messages between your application and your local feedback. Also touch and release messages to your application to disable it’s feedback could help so that you could ignore application feedback when you are touching a fader.

Steve Caldwell
Bome Customer Care

Also available for paid consulting services: bome@sniz.biz

Actually the limitation of 11 LED’s is the protocol that Mackie MCU supports. The X-touch Compact and X-touch One have 12 LED’s and I don’t think there is a way to turn on the last (highest) LED in MCU mode.

Steve Caldwell
Bome Customer Care

Also available for paid consulting services: bome@sniz.biz