Licence register issue - MIDI Translator Classic


today I bought Midi Translator Classic, and now I tried to register Midi Translator Classic with the licence key, what I got.

After I enter the licence I see on the startup screen, that my name is on the logo, but after that I got the notification, to buy or give the licence once again.

It seems that the software didn’t recognize the licence.

How could I solve this issue?

Hi, thank you for the purchase and sorry to read about this problem. Have you tried re-entering the license key? Make sure to enter name and license key exactly as in the purchase email (or your account).
Please ket us know if you’ve been able to resolve this. Thanks!

Hi florian,

thanks for your response.

Yes, I tried several times to enter the licence. I entered the name and the key with the apostrophes, and I tried it without apostrophes, too, but nothing works.

Can the software have problems with accented letters in Name?


Hi florian,

could you help me to solve this issue?


I’m sorry, I did not see your response! Yes, I’ll email you a new license key without accents.

No problem, thank you for your help, the new key without accents work well :slight_smile:

can you send me a new license as my current one does not work please

Hi @phdwork100-2911, we’re handling this via email. Thanks!