Lighting up Launchpad S buttons

Hello, i am using the trial version of Midi Translator, i have a Launchpad S, i'm making a Guitar Hero Preset, I want to turn on a row of buttons to resemble the buttons on the guitar, and two buttons for strum up and down, but i don't know how to do it, i'm a beginner in this, can someone help me with this?


In general you send note-on messages on MIDI channel 1 at different velocities to light up the LED\'s.

The below pictures are out of the Launchpad S Programmers Reference Manual which you should be able to find at the novationmusic web site.

The first one shows the note numbers (they are all on MIDI CH 1).

The second one shows the color choices.

I\'ve also included a simple MT Pro file. The first button toggles note 0 red and off when pushed. The second one is momentary for note 1 and lights up green when the second button is pushed.

An example of lighting an entire row of LED\'s is the third translator. I light them all different colors by pressing the third button

Finally pressing the 4th button turns all of the second row LED\'s off

Note that 90 10 0c (all in hexidecimal notation)

90 - Note On MIDI CH 1

01 - Note number 16 (10 hex)

0c - Value of 12 (or 0c hex)


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