Limit on total number of Bome-Network-Pro Devices?

Is there a limit on the total number of Bome-Network-Pro enabled devices in a system?

I seem to recall a limit of five BomeBox devices (at least when they started shipping.) I have four BomeBoxes, but also:
Drum Synth PC (Bome Network Pro - Windows 10)
Keys Synth PC (Bome Network Pro - Windows 10)
Show Control Mac (Bome Network Pro - MacOS)
Admin Tablet PC (Bome Network Pro - Windows)
I am also beta-testing the iOS app
I would like to add a second Mac as a 40-track recording device

That would be a total of ten networked devices. Is this likely to cause any issues?




The limit on BomeBoxes is not necessary a network Limit. It is more of a limit to how many can be chained together with POE. I think the limit is 4 but I might be wrong. I think as long as you manage your MIDI traffic reasonably there should be no issues. At some point you would want to make sure that if you are running other non-MIDI traffic, that you put that on a separate network.

I would be more concerned about the recording device as audio network traffic will be much more demanding than MIDI traffic. If your just recording MIDI data then you would be OK but several audio tracks might be an issue.

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Hi, as Steve said. Here in table format:

Type Limit
BomeBox connections via network infinite
Bome Network to BomeBox infinite
Bome Network Pro (computer to computer) 5 computers per license
BomeBox PoE chaining 4 BomeBoxes

Hope that explains!

So for your case, you’re maximizing your Bome Network Pro license with the 5 computers. If and when an iOS version is available in the AppStore, its licensing will be separate.

Thanks to you both for the fast and helpful reply!

My stage network is fully Gigabit (except where devices are behind a daisy-chained BomeBox,) so I believe there is more than enough network bandwidth for my Dante audio and BomeNet. I believe Dante caps out at around 128 streams of 24bit/44kHz audio on a 10/100 network, and BomeNet should only require literal kilobits of traffic.
That said, my Dante traffic is more than minimal, with 16-24 tracks of input to my mixer and 32 tracks of output to the recorder. If I run into jitter with either service, I’ll upgrade to managed switches and create separate VLANS with QOS to keep everything happy.

Thanks Again!

Glad to have helped!

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