Linux to bomebox midi over Ethernet?

Is it possible to send midi data between something like a raspberry pi and a bomebox? I would love to be able to plug one into my setup easily without having to get yet another midi interface too. Is there a Linux version of the bome network tool?

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Nothing at this time for Linux over network, however I’ll research if it is in the works and let you know.



Thanks Steve. That is really a shame but thanks for looking into it. I was hoping that I could use the latest version of sonic-pi on a raspberry pi device to control my midi hardware, and I am less bothered about bi-directional midi. I guess I can but not how I hoped, and I think I will need to buy (or build) more hardware to do so! Linux support would be awesome.

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I’d love a Linux version of some of our software, but so far there has not been any demand… But your request is noted now!
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Three years late to the party, but please consider this a vote for Linux-flavoured Bome Network Pro!

I hate the complexity of a machine running dozens of simultaneous apps. I prefer to distribute and sync. With such excellent network midi communication comes dreams of modularization… but not at the steep price of multiple Windows and Mac OS purchases.

Nope. Lotsa Linux Reaper instances on barebone PCs and/or Pi’s is my preference…

One for each instrument as VST host, one as master clock, one for backing tracks, one for automated multitrack recorder, one for lighting control etc, etc…

Hi celoranta, your vote is counted :slight_smile:
Of course, you could also purchase a bunch of BomeBoxes… but I understand that it’s more of an investment than a bunch of Rasperry Pi’s. We’re considering a version of Bome Network for Raspi.

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I’d always prefer the dedicated BomeBox hardware for distribution between USB midi slave and DIN devices.
But when I’m running software OSs on standalone computers already to emulate embedded hardware, it becomes difficult to scale due to bome box real estate, POE/electrical ports, and of course cost.
Don’t do anything to jeopardize your business interests! Keep this thing going! But if BNP comes to Linux I’ll make heavy use of it.

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I suppose this might be addressed if/when RTP-MIDI gets incorporated. There are a few RTP-MIDI drivers for Linux out there already which can act as an rtp-midi slave / join existing rtp-midi sessions. If the Bome box can someday host RTP-MIDI sessions, it would allow for this communication. (Although the need to log in to the Bome box with each power-up and accept the linux rtp-midi client would need to be removed through automation on the Bome Box, or I’d be constantly surfing the local LAN to ensure things remain connected.)
Assuming the re-pairing is automated, this might fulfill my needs?

I know that rtpMIDI is on the roadmap, however automatic pairing might be an issue which is one of the reasons for developing Bome Network.

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if we’ll implement RTP-MIDI, it’ll definitely have automatic pairing…

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Hi, we have just released Bome Network 1.5.0, with versions for Linux and Raspberry Pi:
If you give it a try, please report back here. Thanks!