Load Bome Box config on Midi command

Have any requests been made thus far for loading a Bome midi translator file into bmt runspace on the Bome box in response to a midi or Sysex command?

I can pretty much accomplish whatever I’d like in terms of routing, mapping, and redirecting performance data with the BMT/BomeBox combo. However, I struggle with how to incorporate 60-120 different songs, each with unique presets and translators; into a single BMT file without getting lost in the weeds. How do others manage this? I almost wish for an additional level of abstraction to allow grouping presets into “master” presets and “song” presets... to help me focus on the small number of relevant presets during the course of a tune. Or, as my subject suggests; how about the ability to load a distinct file by command? This would keep things compartmentalized.

curious how others approach this.


In your project file, you can put a translator that has an incoming trigger as a MIDI message out outgoing action to load another BMT Pro project file. In the outgoing action to execute the file, just indicate the file name of the new BMT Pro project file (with no path). It should then load and execute the new project file in the BomeBoxes default path.

Keep in mind that if you don’t have aliases defined in the new project file or if they have changed, you will need to set them up again (through the web interface). For your situation, it is best to leave all of the aliases the same in all used project files to avoid having to do this.



There may be a better way to organize your presets but hard to tell without looking at your current layout. Maybe have a consistent naming scheme for each of your songs and presets. For instance song name of of “Song 1” with preset names of “Song 1-Preset 1”, “Song 1 – Preset 2” etc. Then order the presets (Song level and Preset Level) in a way that makes sense to you.

If you put them in some sort of consistent numerical ordering, then you might be able to use a timer to turn off and on a number of presets at a time.

Say you have a song with 10 related presets. The song is in MT Preset # 5 and the presets under that song are under #6-15. You could use a “preset off” timer that iterates through presets 5-15 turning them all off. Then another “preset on” timer to iterate through say presets 16-24 turning them all off.

Your calls to the timer would involve setting the starting preset number (to turn on or off) and the count. Of course, if you move your presets around after this, you would need to change the translators that make the calls to the timers with the new starting point of the iteration. If you are concerned with this, you could use global variables to set the starting preset number of each of your songs. Then if you move presets around, you would change the value of your global variables instead of having to go through several translators to change the preset starting number.

So essentially you would have two timer translators and when you turn off or on presets, you just call these two timers with the parameters you want to turn on and off various presets.

I assume this is the type of thing you are trying to do when organizing your songs and related presets.

With all this said, it may indeed be easier to just put each song and associated preset into its own project file and then chain their execution.

Steve Caldwell
Bome Q and A Moderator and
Independent Bome Consultant/Specialist