log into bomebox at bomebox.box

Shiny (well not, but that's OK) new Bome Box on my desk. Instructions say I can log into it at it's IP address, and that works. Instructions also say I can use bomebox.box. I'd like to do that, since the IP address will vary, but it doesn't work using Safari on El Capitan, Sierra, or iPad.

sorry for that, the bomebox.box address does not always work. For WiFi access, I guess it’s relatively simple to create a bookmark on . And on a computer (Windows / macOS), just use the Bome Network tool: it has a menu entry to invoke the web config (no matter which IP address).

I have mine set up with permanent IP address when connected to my computer (as slave) and for wireless I have it broadcast on it’s own network (totally different IP network) as a hotspot (separate SSID as well). That way I have two separate ways to access it and always know it’s IP address.