Logic Pro X Project Launch by MIDI Command (to replace Fluqe OnStageXPro?)

Hi Y’all.

Longtime BOME products user asking a question in an entirely new (to me) direction…

I want Set List Maker (iOS) to open a Logic project on a headless Mac Mini when I select a song.

I’ve got the gear I need to create the MIDI command and send it to the headless Mac.

Now… does anyone have experience in teaching Logic Pro X to open files in this manner using BOME Midi Translator?

Fluqe’s ‘OnStageXPro’ is the perfect solution for this issue… that is until it requires a $75/mo USD subscription! Total non-starter there. (I’d pay $800 one-time before committing to monthly payments.)

I assume once the project is open there will be far less trouble involved in basic transport commands… I hope!



I have no experience with Logic X however most DAWs allow you to select the MIDI port(s) in which you want to use.

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Hi Steve!

Not sure I understand your reply. Logic Pro X doesn’t seem to have any built-in MIDI commands for launching project files. Can launching files be accomplished outside of the DAW between BMT and MacOS?

MT Pro has the capabilities to launch Programs on a Mac (or WIndows) by command line. You would just need to set up the outgoing action as such. You may also be able to use AppleScript but I’m not an AppleScript expert either.

Ah… I see in the below post that launching files is supported!



Fantastic. I’m comfortable creating batch and shell scripts.

Just realized I’ve come full circle. This is probably the very first question I asked on a Bome forum many years ago; and probably the very reason I adopted BOME as an ecosystem in the first place. Of course I never ended up implementing… until now(?)

You’re doing good. Sometimes I have to relearn stuff I learned just a few weeks ago.

Steve Caldwell
Bome Customer Care

Also available for paid consulting services: bome@sniz.biz
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