Losing Connection

Hi, my dj controller is losing the connection a lot lately. It happened to me twice in an hour today. Sometimes I have to restart my computer, then other times, twenty seconds later, it just fires up again, if nothing happened. MTP might give me the error box message, and then sometimes it doesn’t.

Is there something that would be causing this, or do I have a dud device?

How is your DJ controller connected? Is it via USB, MIDI DIN or over a network. Sorry I can’'t keep track of how you were connecting it?

It’s plugged in over usb through a powered usb hub.
Has a electrical plug in too, that’s plugged into a power bar.
I do it this way so I just have to flick switches to turn it on and off instead of having to fight with plugging it in.
While I’m losing connection, it’s usually the only device connected through the usb port.

If your DJ controller is powered by AC, you likely do not need a USB hub. It is possible there are other apps open trying to access your DJ controller MIDI ports directly. At the project level, check the MIDI IN and out for your DJ controller. Override this as necessary at the preset levels. This should hold the MIDI ports open all of the time and not allow other applications to open them.

Also check the Microsoft support about how to not allow USB devices to go to sleep. I don’t think this is the problem if you are actively using the DJ controller when it drops, however.

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Ok. In the project ports, I had two output aliases going to my midi keyboard for some reason. Unchecked them. That’s the only strange thing I saw. I will double check the preset ports. I’ve been setting specific ports per preset because I want each device to have their own port, and for MIDI Buddy to have its own port.
Otherwise, there was an alias that was auto created called (application). Think it was brought in when you had provided an example project. I’ve deleted that.

I checked and my usb selective setting was already disabled. But I reset my power settings to default, then redid them to customize it for max performance, and usb selective is back to disabled.

I just use the powered usb hub for my midi devices so I can use a switch instead of plugging and unplugging wires.
The a/c power is only needed for the lights to work on the dj controller. I use the lights, so I need it. I like taking some power stress off the usb hub too.
Technically I could try and find a usb hub with one or two ports and keep the dj controller having its own usb port, and still have a switch. That’s an option. But I only have two hands, so I’m only really sending midi messages from one device at a time, even if all three of them on that usb hub are running at the same time.

I’ve heard lots of people tell me I can’t use a usb hub for midi devices, but I’ve been doing just that for years now. ¯(°_o)/¯

Thanks for the help again.

I’m still losing the connection. It happens when disable processing and then on again. I’m in and out of FL Studio a lot to set up my macroes. I have MTP set to disable processing when FLS isn’t focused, so it’s been enabling/disabling itself a lot. And now it tends to freeze up when I manually disable/enable. Usually restarting the project fixes it, but this is really starting to worry me.

Not only would a dud controller mean I have to ship it out to California for warranty replacement, but I have four chroma caps glued onto the fat knobs, that can’t be removed. I’m not so sure they will take it back, so if this keeps getting worse I’m dead in the water, after all this work.

My guess is when you disable processing, the MID ports are released to the OS and some other MIDI application is opening the port so that when you reenable processing the port is no longer available for use by MT Pro. In 1.9 you can enable and disable MID thru paths instead.

Steve Caldwell
Bome Customer Care

Also available for paid consulting services: bome@sniz.biz

Ok. I wonder if I can numb processing without closing the ports. Maybe that won’t help with very much though. I will just disable the program-focusing disable translators until I’m done working on it, which I almost am.
By the way, I did find a number of errors in my routing from before; it’s a good thing I asked.