Lost Midi Input aliases still seem to work. Why... how can I recover.

I recently changed around some controller mappings and may have inadvertently changed the names of the aliases for two of my devices. Maybe for that reason, the mappings for those controllers don't show up in the Preset or Translator MIDI selector. Instead the mappings have reverted to the Project default ports.

Strangely, the original mappings seem mostly to work. There are a few strange unintended interactions with translators that shouldn't respond to certain inputs, but I've mostly taken care of those.

Is there a way that I can recover the MIDI input mappings (to the aliased controller). I think I may have just changed the capitalization of the aliases. Are aliases case sensitive?



Looking at an earlier bmts file, I see that I did change the capitalization of the two aliases in question. Reverting to the same capitalization didn’t help

I notice also, that when I export the Project as a text file, that the default MIDI port for the presets in question doesn’t appear (as it does when the MIDI port is explicitly selected- in the case of other presets)

Hi Gabriel,

Capitalization, spaces, etc in aliases are all Unique. The project file saves the aliases you use for the project. The .bmts last used provides a map of the aliases to actual MIDI ports.

If you create a new alias, it adds it to the .bmts file. It stays there until you delete it or clear all of your aliases.

For me, the best way I have figured out how to clean my aliases is to delete them all using settings -> reset then remove all aliases. This will clear your .bmts file but not your project file.

So then open your project file and the re-assign the aliases you want and if you have additional aliases that you no longer want, delete those in your project file. If you have unused aliases that are still defined in your project file, when you save the project file, it will then re-create these aliases in your .bmts file so make sure your project file is 100% clean before re-saving it.

I hope this helps!


Steve Caldwell
Bome Q and A Moderator and
Independent Bome Consultant/Specialist


It does help. It seems a bit overwhelming and risky to me. What if I end up with a mess 🙁

But, I guess, if I save my project it should be ok. What I don’t get, though, is this…. Are you saying that even though no MIDI port assignment is visible for the two controllers in question (by this, I mean that there is no reference to the controllers in the presets or the translators, that the assignment is really there… that the controller is referenced in a way that’s not visible in the project or in the text file?


What you will see is aliases that are not assigned to any MIDI ports unless you assigned them in another project in which case those aliases will be assigned to the ports you assigned them to in the other project.