Mac app (Franz) crashes after opening with Bome MTP

Hey folks,
I use Bome MTP to open successfully a couple of apps on macOS Mojave 10.14.6.

Only when I open Franz (, it crashes shortly after opening it. Opening the app manually works. Then I installed the latest (5.9.2), but again the problem persists (while opening manually works here as well).

Any idea on that?


Hi Daniel,
sorry to read this! I don’t know why Franz is crashing like this. Could you paste the full crash report here?

Internally, MIDI Translator Pro uses the open command to execute the given application, e.g.

open '/Applications/'

You could try if it’s crashing when launched with the above command from a Terminal window.

In general, though, I think that the creators of Franz would be best suited to fix this issue.

Let us know what you find out. Thanks!

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Hi Florian,
opening from Terminal works. Please see full crash report attached.


2022-11-26_Bome_MTP_CrashReport.txt (140.9 KB)

Hi Daniel,
thanks! In general, a crash is always caused by the application that crashes. So ultimately, the creators of Franz are responsible for fixing the crash. Have you contacted them?

What I found:

The crashing thread has this stack entry: __CRASHING_DUE_TO_PRIVACY_VIOLATION__ after TCCAccessRequest. Googling that shows that apparently, the Franz app requires some permissions – like access to user’s documents – and they’re not available to it when launched by MT Pro. I don’t know which permissions are required. Maybe Franz only inherits the permissions granted to the MT Pro process, and not the one(s) it needs.

I also could not reproduce this issue with applications installed here (also with Electron apps). I’ve tested on macOS 11. Maybe newer versions of macOS are smarter about this and ask the user for permissions when required.

Possible Workarounds to prevent the crash of ‘Franz’

An idea is to somehow execute the application less directly.

  1. use the Execute action with /usr/bin/open as File to Execute, and /Applications/ as Parameters. This way, open is launched via open…
  2. use AppleScript to start Franz: select as outgoing action AppleScript and enter this as Script:
    tell application "Franz"
    end tell
  3. use AppleScript to let Finder start Franz. Like 2), but enter this Script:
    tell application "Finder" to open application "Franz"
  4. a variation of 3):
    tell application "Finder" to open location "file:///Applications/"

Hopefully any of that works until the Franz makers will have fixed that crash.

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Amazing, all 4 workarounds are successful.
With that, I also solve my problem I just posted in another thread, launching different applications one after another.

Much :orange_heart: love,

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