Mac osx ventura 13.3 MTpro no working

Hello everyone,
My configuration
Nectar pacer/ ableton live 11/ Mac Os Ventura 13.3
I’ve been using Bone MT pro on Catlina for a few years without any problem.
I changed PC and transferred all my software.
The only change is Ventura Mac os 13.3.
I can’t get Bone MT pro to work on this Mac.

I specify,
In Bone MT pro everything seems to work correctly.
The event monitor shows that my pacer is sending messages without a hitch.
Unfortunately live doesn’t respond.

Do you have any solutions?
Thanks in advance.
Thank you in advance.

Hi, and welcome back!

I’m on Ventura 13.6.6 and everything is working fine for me.
I’m running Bome MIDI Translator Pro version 1.9.1 build
1064. I know there were a few issues with Mac on previous builds of 1.9.1. If you have an older build, please go to your Bome account and download the latest build.

Other things to consider. You may have tried this already.

Check your aliases and make sure they are assigned the correct physical ports.

You can learn more about aliases from this tutorial.

Check the device selection at the project, preset and translator levels.

For more information about device selection, see this tutorial.

Open the log window and check both MIDI IN and incoming.
If you see MIDI in, but no incoming, then the trigger for a translator is not the same as the message you are sending from your Pacer.

The Pacer has 2 MIDI ports. Make sure you have select the correct one. The first MIDI port works when not in DAW mode and the second works for DAW mode only.

If none of this seems to help, please post your project file and I can take a look at it for you to see if I can figure out what is going on.

My testing was on Apple i86. Let me know if you are running Silicon we can investigate further. I don’t have one but I’m sure we can get access to one.

Steve Caldwell
Bome Customer Care

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