Macbook Keystrokes Not translating correctly

Hi there, apologies if this has already been answered elsewhere, I have searched but could not find the answer. 

I'm having a problem triggering keyboard shortcuts on my macbook pro 2016 when using the ctrl key with either the letter m, h, i, or p. I'm getting the following:

 m=return, h=backspace, i=tab and p=f1 any ideas why this is happening?

Well, I'm seeing the same thing but I think it must be right because

Ctrl-M is the return key in ASCII

Ctrl-H  is the backspace key in ASCII

Ctrl-I is the tab key in ASCII

Although Ctrl-P I don't think has any ASCII meaning.


Do the translators properly work after programming these keys?


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Hi Steve, thanks for the speedy reply.

When I use the physical keys it won’t let me for example input ctrl, option, command, m which is a shortcut I use in photoshop. It converts my ‘m’ into ‘return’. If I program the key stroke using text and type control, option, command m manually it still doesn’t work as desired. As you suggest this must be linked to Ascii rather than the physical keys pressed. If there is no work around I’ll just reassign the keyboard shortcuts in photoshop to avoid ctrl and m etc. Just thought I would check before I do that.

Ah, are you sending the keystrokes as output from MT Pro to Photoshop?

Many applications cannot accept more than 2 keystrokes at a fast enough rate so you might want to try putting each keystroke into a separate translator.

Translator 1 - Control Key Down No key repeat

Translator 2 - Option Key Down No key repeat, delay 20ms

Translator 3 - Command Key Down No key repeat, delay 40ms

Translator 4 - M Key Down No key repeat delay 60 ms

Translator 5 - M Key Up delay 80ms

Translator 6 - Command Key Up delay 100ms

Translator 7 - Option Key Up delay 120ms

Translator 8 - Control Key Up delay 140ms


Hopefully you get the idea


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Hi Steve,

Yeah I’m using a Beatstep to trigger photoshop using keystrokes, I’ve also found the same issue in Capture one. I don’t think it’s a problem with PS not accepting more than 2 keystrokes, because I can use control option command n with no problem. It’s just that in MT Pro when ‘control m’ is inputted it reads it as ‘Control Return’ so no longer corresponds to the keyboard shortcut in PS. Does that make sense. What you have suggested would work, but it’s quite a long process, where I can just change the shortcut in PS to avoid control m. Do you know why PS doesn’t read ‘control m’ as ‘control Return’ but MT PRo does?

Yes, I'll have to look into it further.


Thanks Steve, I was more curious than anything, so no probs if there isn't a solution. It is a fab piece of software and I've really enjoyed learning it!

I have confirmed that what you found is indeed a bug. Right now the only workaround is to use different keys. This issue is only on Mac, not Windows.


Steve Caldwell
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Ok, thanks for the update, much appreciated.