Mackie Control for Icon M+ using custom script

Hello, I’m trying to get my motorized faders to work in ableton as hoping you could help,

Ive made a custom script using a program called Remotify that gets saved down in ableton’s custom control surface script folder. It’s all based on different cc values and has a couple of modes ie when i click a button it goes into “navigation mode” which controls all the volume, send data etc, then when I press the button again, it goes to the “synth” mode which controls the first 16 parameters of the synth. Im trying to get fader response on this. I updated the corresponding values in the Icon mapping software to be the same cc’s as the custom script but in ableton, when i change modes for instance and use the fader, it controls both the volume and the parameters (just jumps from 0-100). Not sure if this is something i can fix using this software but thought to check!


Well without seeing your Ableton Script it would be hard to tell, however you can control faders with Ableton Live through Bome MT Pro. I’ve done this on my Mackie MCU compatible controller (Behringer X-touch Compact) with no problems.

I would recommend this approach.

Set up your controller for Mackie MCU with the Mackie MCU script and use One set of Ableton ports to communicate to your controller in that mode.

Then use a separate port to control the non-Mackie functions. Use MT Pro determine which MIDI messages go to which ports and switching the Mode of your platform M+.

Ableton should then see as 2 controllers and you could have different MIDI remote scripts talking to each “virtual controller”. In MT Pro you could capture all MIDI messages coming from both virtual controllers and when switching modes, forward those messages on to the physical controller.

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