Mackie Emulation for Various Non-Mackie Controllers using Bome MIDI Translator Pro

Hey folks, I've been working on using MT Pro to provide Mackie Emulation on some controllers that do not have built-in Mackie Mode.

So far I've got some Mackie emulation capabilities for the following controllers:

Worlde EasyControl.9


Nektar Impact LX25+

Novation Launch Control


If you have one of the above controllers, I can provide the Bome Project to you at a pretty decent price.

If you have another controller type that you want Mackie Emulation where there is none, but want to improve on the current Mackie Emulation with MT Pro, then I'm available for fee based programming/consulting.

The emulation I've created all has fader and V-POT and bank up and down functionality. If the controller has LED feedback, it also provides for indicators for solo, mute, select, record/arm V-Pot ring. Mileage for other functions vary depending on available knobs, buttons etc of the native controller. Most controllers do not have Mackie Display but if you load up MIDI Tools on your PC, you can forward these display message through Bome to see those as well using the MIDI Tools "Mackie Display" feature.


The benefit of having this is you can basically use your non-Mackie controller plug-and-play with any applications that support Mackie. I've tested the above with Ableton Live, Reaper, Cakewalk by Bandlab, BitWig and Davinci Resolve.

Just reach out to me at the email address below:

Steve Caldwell Bome Q and A Moderator and Independent Bome Consultant/Specialist


I’ve just tested the LaunchControl Mackie implementation with FL Studio 12 and Studio One 3 as well. I use 7 out of the 8 factory layers available to handle different mixer functions with the same 8 buttons. The lower knobs act as faders, and the upper knobs act as V-Pots. I use the left and right up and down arrows for navigation of factory template 0. Left and right handle bank select in factory template 1. Up handles a shift function so I can go one channel right and left in factory template 1. Also up handles various shift functions in other factory templates (like for re-centering the V-Pots). I have yet to see anyone make this little controller handle as much as Mackie implementation of most controllers their size and cost.

It is really a nice little controller in Mackie mode.

I’m now looking into what I can do with my Novation Launchkey MINI. It has an “undocumented” HUI mode but is quite limiting and also the Ableton implementation only can use the knobs for instrument control. I think with a little work I can have it doing almost as much as my LaunchControl It has 8 more pads but 8 less knobs so I would probably need to implement a shift function for the knobs. Also it doesn’t appear to have factor templates so I would need to emulate this in Bome presets.

Whoops also tested LaunchControl Mackie with Tracktion 7. I have the free (stripped down) version of most of the DAW’s than answer it so that I can better help users here.
The advantage of using Mackie Emulation is there is a lot less configuration setup with various DAW’s. Just use the Bome project file and go.

I now have my Novation Launchkey MINI working in Mackie Emulation Mode.

I use InControl to use knobs as either faders or V-Pots depending on the round button selection.
I have “takeup” feature on faders in case you change the volume on the DAW, The Launchkey MIDI won’t “jump” and will only work when it crosses the point that the DAW has set.
I use the track left and right buttons for bank left and right. I use the up button as a “shift” function so that the same track left and right buttons can also act as a channel left and right switch.
I use the up button as a shift button for fader 8. When held fader 8 will be master volume.
I use down button to control what the Pads send and display. press once and top row is Rec and bottom row is Select. If you press the down button, top row is Solo and bottom row is mute. Push down arrow button again and it toggles back to Rec and Select.

All standard keyboard features are unchanged. You can press InControl to turn off InControl mode and it acts just as if it were in “standard” mode.

It is amazing what you can do with Bome MIDI Translator Pro.

Steve Caldwell
Bome Q and A Moderator and
Independent Bome Consultant/Specialist